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Original US trade paperback cover of Assassin's Apprentice, art by Michael Whelan.
Original UK hardcover and paperback cover of Assassin's Apprentice, art by John Howe.
2014 UK paperback cover for Assassin's Apprentice, art by Jackie Morris.
2014 US paperback cover for Assassin's Apprentice, art by Alejandro Colucci.

Assassin's Apprentice is the first book in the Farseer trilogy, originally published in 1995. The second and third books are Royal Assassin and Assassin's Quest respectively. This was the author's first book published under the pseudonym Robin Hobb. The working title for the book was Chivalry's Bastard and the contract for the trilogy was signed on 13th of July in 1993. [1] Assassin's Apprentice has been translated to over 20 languages.


The dedication in this book is for several of Robin's cats

For Giles
And for Raphael and Freddy,
the Princes of Assassins.

A later Bantam 1996 edition has an altered version of the dedication:

To Giles
to the memories of
Ralph the Orange
Freddie Cougar
Princes among Assassins
Felines above Reproach


Notes about hardback editions for collectors: The first two volumes of the Farseer trilogy were originally not released in hardback in the US, and all subsequent reprints were paperbacks until a limited hardcover edition set of the whole trilogy was published in December 2016 by Subterranean Press. This immediately sold out. The UK first edition hardback was limited in numbers, but is not impossible to get second-hand. There have also been two more recent special editions from Voyager in hardback (which are standalone editions) as well as a 20th anniversary hardcover slipcase edition (which will have matching RA and AQ editions in 2017).

  • An American English trade paperback edition was issued in New York by Bantam Books in 1995 with ISBN 0553374451, The covers were illustrated by Michael Whelan. $12.95
    • The Advance Reading Copy states the publication date of the paperback as April 17, 1995, while publication apparently was in May 1995
  • A British English hardcover edition was issued in London by Voyager/HarperCollins in 1995 with ISBN 0002246066. The print run was about 2000 copies. The gold lettering on the cover of this edition is known to get more easily damaged than the in the rest of the series.
    • The ARC for this book has a cover illustration by John Howe but it is completely different from the finished version, instead of a Red Ship it portrays Fitz with a dog. 250 - 500 copies were printed.
  • A US paperback edition was issued in 1996 by Bantam Spectra with ISBN 055357339X, covers by Michael Whelan (same cover was used in reprints all the way to 2014).
  • A UK paperback edition was issued in 1996 with ISBN 0006480098, covers were by John Howe.
  • A UK paperback edition by Harper Voyager the 3rd of September 2007 market as "New Ed" with covers by Jackie Morris. This was the first in a series of "repackaged" Robin Hobb titles in the UK that included every book in the Farseer, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man and Soldier Son trilogies. ISBN 9780006480099, but it also comes up in searches with the old ISBN-10: 0006480098 which is the 1996 UK paperback. The stock image often seen online has a golden background similar to the 15th Anniversary Edition (see below) but in reality the cover is blueish silver.
  • A "Voyager 15th Anniversary Edition" in 2010 by HarperCollins/Voyager, hardcover with dust jacket and a marker ribbon and an introduction to Voyager from Publishing Director Jane Johnson. This is a "standalone" edition that was published alongside Raymond Feist’s Magician, Sara Douglass’ Battleaxe, George R R Martin’s A Game of Thrones and Kylie Chan’s White Tiger. [2] The cover art is the buck design by Jackie Morris used in the UK paperback reprints, but with a golden background. ISBN?
  • A new UK clothbound hardcover with ISBN 9780007491551 in March 2013 by Harper Voyager. This is a "standalone" edition that was part of a reprinting of "Voyager Classics".[3] It was also packaged together as a set with Raymond E. Feist’s Magician with ISBN 9780007939381.
  • A UK paperback new edition 27 of March 2014 with new cover art of consisting of old style lettering and sigils by Jackie Morris with ISBN 9780007562251. This new cover is part of a redesign of the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies in the UK to match the UK design of Fool's Assassin.
  • A US 2014/15 paperback reprint edition with cover art by Alejandro Colucci to match the US design of Fool's Assassin. Uses the ISBN 9780553573398 which is essentially the same as in the original one.
  • A World Book Night 2015 edition, a paperback with the Jackie Morris cover art embedded on a white background
  • A UK slipcased hardcover edition by Harper Voyager the 22nd of October 2015 with ISBN 9780008115456, to mark the book's 20th anniversary.
  • A US hardcover edition by Subterranean Press in December 2016, with new cover art by John Howe. This is part of a reprint of the whole first trilogy and is available in three formats:
    • Limited Edition Set of the whole trilogy, 500 signed numbered sets, bound in cloth, $180.00
    • Lettered Edition Set, 26 signed leatherbound sets, housed in a custom traycase
    • each volume of the trilogy sold individually, $60.00 each
  • A kindle edition by Harper Voyager September 1, 2011 with ASIN: B005JE1K9M
  • An unabridged audiobook by Tantor the 3rd of March 2010, length 17 hrs 30 minutes, read by Paul Boehmer. ISBN 9781400164349
  • An unabridged audiobook by HarperCollins Publishers Limited the 30th of August 2012, length 17 hours 23 minutes with ASIN B00943C7KA


For the covers of these translations, see Assassin's Apprentice cover gallery.

  • A Bulgarian translation Тайните на занаята from Bard Publishing House in 2001 with ISBN 9789545852312. Translated by Юлиян Стойнов, cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • A Chinese translation 刺客學徒 was published in November 2002 by 奇幻基地 with ISBN 9572813633, translator 嚴韻.
  • A Czech translation Krev a jed in 2000 by Návrat in paperback with ISBN 9788071743781, translated by Jan Kozák, cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • A Danish translation Snigmorderens lærling in February 2017 by Cicero in hardcover with ISBN 9788763848367. Translated by Marianne Linneberg Rasmussen, cover art by Jackie Morris.
  • An abbreviated Dutch translation Moordenaarsleerling was published by Unieboek (Van Holkema & Warendorf) in October 21st 1996, ISBN 9026973764 (paperback). Translator Erica Feberwee, cover by Tejo Hendriks.
  • A complete Dutch translation Leerling en meester was published by Meulenhoff in April 1998, ISBN 9029057009 (hardcover) and in April 30th 1999, ISBN 9029059664 (paperback). Translators Erica Feberwee and Peter Cuijpers. An "Mpact-edition" (sort of like trade paperback?) was published by Meulenhoff in October 24th 2000, ISBN 9029068329. A new edition with new cover art was published in 2010 with ISBN 9789022553398.
  • A Finnish translation Salamurhaajan oppipoika was published by Otava in 1997, ISBN 9511144480 (hardcover) and in 2000 ISBN 951116662X (paperback - "Seven-pokkarit"). Translator Sauli Santikko, cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • A French omnibus edition of Assassin's Apprentice and Royal Assassin, La Citadelle des ombre's 1: L'Apprenti assassin, L'Assassin du roi, La Nef du crépuscule in March 2000 from Pygmalion with ISBN 2857046278. Cover art by Michael Whelan. Reprinted again in 2012 with ISBN 9782756407685 and cover art by Stéphane Desbenoit.
  • A German translation Der Adept des Assassinen was published by Bastei Lübbe in January 2000 with ISBN 3404282310 and reprinted in January 2002 with ISBN 340420350X, both are paperbacks. Reprinted in 2004 by Weltbild Verlag in hardcover with ISBN 3828975836.
  • A German translation Der Weitseher from Heyne in 2009 with ISBN 9783453524811 (also available for kindle). Also released as an audio book the 1 of February 2016 by Ronin - Hörverlag with ASIN B01ATNGPVK. Narrated by Matthias Lühn, length 18 hours and 45 minutes.
  • A Greek translation Μαθητευόμενος εκτελεστής in 2002 by Anubis with ISBN 9603063541. Translator Ειρήνη Παϊδούση, cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • A Hebrew translation שוליית הרוצח from Astrolog in 1998, trade paperback with ISBN 9654940132.
  • A Hungarian translation Az Orgyilkos tanítványa was published in paperback by FutureGates in 1997 with ISBN 9630480549. Translator Horváth Norbert, cover by Csaba Zsilvölgyi aka "Max". Reprint in hardcover in 2007 with different cover art and ISBN 9789639679658.
  • An Indonesian translation Assassin's Apprentice from Penerbit Matahati the 10th of June 2011 with ISBN 9786028590303, translated by Barokah Ruziati.
  • An Italian translation L'apprendista assassino by Fanucci in 2003, translated by Paola Bruna Cartoceti with ISBN 9788834709221. Reprinted in 2005 with ISBN 8834710886.
  • A Polish translation Uczeñ skrytobójcy. First edition by Prószyński i S-ka on Febuary 4th 1997, ISBN 8371800738 (paperback). Second edition by MAG on April 15th 2005, ISBN 8389004976 (paperback). Translator Agnieszka Cieplowska (second edition with name changed to Agnieszka Kwiatkowska). Cover art by Piotr Lukaszewski. Reprint in 2014? with cover art by Dagmara Matuszak.
  • A Portuguese translation Aprendiz de Assassino from Saída de Emergência in March 2009 with ISBN 139789896371142, cover art by John Howe.
  • A Portuguese translation O Aprendiz de Assassino from LeYa Brasil in July 2013 with ISBN 9788580448160, translated by Orlando Moreira. Jackie Morris cover.
  • A Romanian translation Ucenicul asasinului by Nemira in 2009, translated by Antuza Genescu with ISBN 9786068073774.
  • A Russian omnibus of the whole Farseer trilogy titled Трилогия о королевском убийце in hardcover with ISBN 9785699405671, 1296 pages, published in 2010, featuring the original Royal Assassin cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • A Russian omnibus edition Королевский убийца containing Assassin's Apprentice and Royal Assassin from Азбука in 2017. Hardcover, ISBN 9785389113947 with the new Jackie Morris cover art. There is a matching edition of Assassin's Quest.
  • A Russian audiobook by Eksmo-Sidikom in 2008, narrated by Кирилл Петров, length 19 hours 47 minutes.
  • A Serbian translation Krv Kraljeva was published by Laguna in 2006, ISBN 8674365892. Translator Tatjana Bižić. Cover art by John Howe.
  • A Slovenian translation Morilčev vajenec from Gnostica in paperback in 2009 with ISBN 9789612291037.
  • A Spanish translation published in two parts by La Factoria de Ideas, translated by Manuel de los Reyes:
  • A Swedish translation Mördarens Lärling was published by Natur och Kultur in 1996, ISBN 9127057372 (hardcover) and in 1997 ISBN 9127069095 (trade paperback?) and also in 1998, ISBN 9127071197 (paperback). Translor Ylva Spångberg. There is also an anthology Fantasy published by Natur och Kultur in April 2000 with a chapter from Assassin's Apprentice. The book is meant for schools, so there is the actual anthology (ISBN 9127571130) and a guide for teachers (ISBN 9127571149).
  • A Turkish translation Suikastçının Çırağı from İthaki Yayınları in 2005, paperback, with ISBN 9789752730120, cover art by Michael Whelan.


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