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Original US cover for Assassin's Quest by Stephen Youll.
Original UK cover for Assassin's Quest by John Howe.
The 2014 US cover for Assassin's Quest by Alejandro Colucci.
The 2014 UK cover for Assassin's Quest by Jackie Morris.

Assassin's Quest is the last book in the Farseer trilogy, first published in 1997. Previous books in the series are Assassin's Apprentice and Royal Assassin. The next book that concerns Fitz directly is Fool's Errand, but chronologically what follows the Farseer trilogy is the Liveship Traders trilogy, and it is highly recommended to read those first.


For the very real Kat Ogden

Who threatened, at an early age, to grow up and be
a tap dancing,
President of the United States.

And is getting frighteningly close to the end of her list.

Never mistake the movie for the book.


  • A British English hardcover edition was issued in London by Voyager/Harpercollins in March 1997 with ISBN 0002246082. Original price £16.99. The covers were illustrated by John Howe.
  • An American English hardcover edition was issued in New York by Bantam Books in April 1997 with ISBN 0553106406. Original price $22.95. The covers were illustrated by Stephen Youll.
  • A US paperback edition in 1998 from Bantam Spectra with ISBN 0553565699. Covers by Stephen Youll. Under Hobb's name on the cover there's a line "author of x" that changes from Royal Assassin to Ship of Magic to Fool's Fate between printings.
  • A UK paperback edition in 1998 by HarperCollins/Voyager with ISBN 000648011X with covers by John Howe (later also ISBN 9780006480112). Reprint with the Jackie Morris dragon cover the 16 the of March 2008 with the same ISBN.
  • A US paperback edition in 2014 with cover art by Alejandro Colucci to match the US design of Fool's Assassin with ISBN 9780553565690.
  • A UK paperback reprint with the new Jackie Morris cover by Harper Voyager the 16th of January 2014 with ISBN 9780007562275.
  • A US hardcover edition by Subterranean Press in December 2016, with new cover art by John Howe. This is part of a reprint of the whole first trilogy and is available in three formats:
    • Limited Edition Set of the whole trilogy, 500 signed numbered sets, bound in cloth, $180.00
    • Lettered Edition Set, 26 signed leatherbound sets, housed in a custom traycase
    • each volume of the trilogy sold individually, $60.00 each
  • A UK slipcased hardcover edition by Harper Voyager the 2nd of November 2017 with ISBN 9780008223281, to match the AA 20th anniversary edition.
  • kindle edition by Harper Voyager the 1st of September 2011 with ASIN: B005JE1KLU.
  • An unabridged audio book edition by Tantor the 3rd of August 2010 with ISBN 9781400164363, narrated by Paul Boehmer, length 39 hrs.
  • An unabridged audio book edition by HarperCollins Publishers Limited the 30th of August 2012 with ASIN: B00943C87C, length 37 hours 39 minutes.



For the covers of these translations, see Assassin's Quest cover gallery.

  • A Bulgarian translation Тронът in 2001 by Бард, a paperback with ISBN13 9789545852763 and Youll cover art.
  • A Chinese translation was published in two parts: first part in January 2004 and second part in February 2004. Translator Jiang Ai Ling.
  • A Czech translation
  • A Dutch translation De boeken van de Zieners: Vermogen en wijsheid from Meulenhoff 26th of November 1998 with ISBN 9029057122, hardcover, translation by Peter Cuijpers and cover art by John Howe. Reprinted 30th of April 1999 in trade paperback with ISBN 9029059680 and 25th of October 2000 with ISBN 9029068345 (M-pact edition). Republished in hardcover with new cover art in February 2011 by De Boekerij with ISBN 9789022553411.
  • An Estonian translation Salamõrtsuka teekond in two parts from Varrak in hardcover, also available as ebooks:
  • A Finnish translation Salamurhaajan taival from Otava in 1998, ISBN 9511146157 (hardcover), and in 2000 ISBN 9511166646 (paperback). Translator Sauli Santikko.
  • A French translation in three parts from Pygmalion in 2000 in trade paperback. Covers by Copik, translated by A. Mousnier-Lompré.
    • Le poison de la vengeance with ISBN 285704612X. Reprinted in the 31st of May 2002 by J'ai lu and again by France Loisirs in??
    • La voie magique with ISBN 285704643X. Reprinted in 2009? by J'ai lu with ISBN 9782290320211 with cover art by Vincent Madras and again by France Loisirs in??
    • La reine solitaire with ISBN ISBN 2857046790. Reprinted in 2003 by J'ai lu again by France Loisirs in??
  • A French omnibus edition La Citadelle des ombres 2: Le Poison de la vengeance, La voie magique, La reine solitaire in March 2001 from Pygmalion with ISBN 2857046839.
  • A second German translation Der Nachtmagier in March 2010 from Heyne in paperback with ISBN 9783453525214, also available for kindle. Also released as an audio book the 28th of May 2016 by Ronin - Hörverlag with ASIN B01G8Y0164. Narrated by Matthias Lühn, length 41 hours and 6 minutes.
  • A third German translation Der Erbe der Schatten from Penhaligon Verlag the 11th of December 2017 (paperback & ebook) with ISBN 9783764531867. Translated by Eva Bauche-Eppers, cover art and design by Isabelle Hirtz?
  • A Hebrew translation in 1998 by Astrolog, trade paperback
  • A Hungarian translation in two parts in large paperback format by Camarilla, translated by Norbert Horváth and Cseperke Papp (poems). Cover art Csaba Zsilvölgyi ("Max")
  • A Hungarian translation Az orgyilkos küldetése in hardback in 2011 by Delta Vision with ISBN 9789639890091 and new cover art.
  • An Italian translation Il viaggio dell'assassino from Fanucci in January 2005 in hardcover with ISBN 9788834710555. Translated by Paola Cartoceti, cover art by Daniele Colaiacomo. Reprinted in paperback in March 2007 with ISBN 9788834712801. Same cover art, different fonts.
  • A Japanese translation in two parts the 27th of February 2006 from 東京創元社 with cover art by Miki Okuda. Part one 真実の帰還 上 with ISBN 4488562051 and part two 真実の帰還 下 with ISBN 448856206X.
  • A Polish translation: Wyprawa skrytobójcy. First edition by Proszynski i S-ka on July 27th 1998, ISBN 8371802021 (2 paperbacks sold together). Second edition by MAG split into two parts: first on July 11th 2005, ISBN 8389004941 (paperback); part two on July 29th 2005, ISBN 8389004895. Translator Agnieszka Kwiatkowska. Republished in hardcover the 21st of November 2014 by MAG with ISBN 139788374804592.
  • A Portuguese translation in two parts by Edições Saída de Emergência in 2010. Translated by Jorge Candeias.
  • A Portuguese translation A fúria do assassino, by Leya Brasil in 2014 with ISBN 9788544101063 and cover art from Marc Simonetti. Kindle Edition the 7th of October 2014 with ASIN B00O9EWJFW
  • A Romanian translation in two parts by Nemira Publishing House in paperback, translated by Antuza Genescu with ISBN 9786065791831
    • Răzbunarea asasinului vol.1 in May 2011
    • Răzbunarea asasinului vol.2 in June 2011
  • A Russian translation in two parts:
  • A Russian omnibus of the whole Farseer trilogy titled Трилогия о королевском убийце in hardcover with ISBN 9785699405671 published in 2010.
  • A Russian hardcover edition to match the new AA+RA omnibus. Titled Странствия убийцы, published by Азбука in 2017 with ISBN 9785389113985 and the new Jackie Morris cover.
  • A Serbian translation Kraljevi zmajevi in paperback by Laguna in 2009, with ISBN 9788652101580. Translated by Tatjana Bižić.
  • A Slovenian translation Morilčeva pot by Gnostica in 2010 with ISBN 139789612291075
  • A Spanish translation from La Factoría de Ideas in two parts in 2004, translated by Manuel de los Reyes
  • A Swedish translation in two parts by Natur och Kultur and translated by Ylva Spångberg.
  • A Turkish translation Suikastçının Arayışı in paperback in 2006 with ISBN 9789752731967 and Youll's cover art.
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