Cloven Hooves

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Original US cover for Cloven Hooves, art by Richard Bober.

Cloven Hooves is a 1991 book from Megan Lindholm.


  • A US paperback edition in 1991 from Bantam Books with ISBN 0553293273. Cover by Richard Bober.
  • A UK paperback edition in 1993 from HarperCollins with ISBN 0586215182.
  • A UK paperback edition the 19th August of 2002 from Voyager with ISBN 0007127731. New edition in the series "Voyager Classics".



  • A Dutch translation Heer van het woud in January 2009 by Luitingh. Paperback with ISBN 9789024529254.
  • A French translation Le Dieu dans l'ombre in 2004 by Télémaque with ISBN 9782753300019. Translated by Claudine Richetin. Reprinted in 2007 by Le Livre de Poche with ISBN 9782253114796.
  • A German translation Die Stunde des Fauns in 1994 by Heyne with ISBN 9783453079953. Translated by Walter Brumm. Cover art by Steve R. Dodd.

International covers