Liavek, Wizard's Row

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The front cover of Liavek, Wizard's Row, art by Darrell Sweet.

Liavek, Wizard's Row is the third in a series of 5 short story anthologies about a shared universe called Liavek. Wizard's Row was published in 1987 and edited by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull. The Megan Lindholm story co-written with Steven Brust in it is titled An Act of Mercy. Instead of "An Act of Mercy", the Lindholm title is sometimes listed as An Act of Contrition, but this is an error.


  • An Act of Mercy by Megan Lindholm and Steven Brust
  • Green Is the Color by John M. Ford
  • Paint the Meadows with Delight by Pamela Dean
  • The World in the Rock by Kara Dalkey
  • Baker's Dozen by Breadley Denton
  • Cenedwine Brocade by Caroline Stevermer
  • A Hypothetical Lizard by Alan Moore
  • Training Ground by Nancy Kress
  • Appendix One: A Liavekan Songbook
    • 1. City of Luck by Jane Yolen
    • 2. The Ballad of the Quick Levars by Jane Yolen
    • 3. Eel Island Shoals by John M. Ford
    • 4. Pot-Boil Blues by John M. Ford
  • Appendix Two: A Handbook for the Apprentice Magician


  • An English paperback edition Liavek, Wizard's Row edited by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull was published in September 1987 by Ace with ISBN 0441481906. The cover was illustrated by Darrell Sweet and the maps were drawn by Jack Wickwire.


  • "An Act of Mercy" appears in the French Liavek volume.


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