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Welcome to PlentyWiki!

About PlentyWiki

PlentyWiki is an ongoing project to gather information about the books of Robin Hobb (aka Megan Lindholm). So far we have begun the salvage or translation of 1,139 scrolls from the libraries of Jhaampe, Buckkeep and Jamaillia city.


Many major plotlines from the books are described in this wiki. If you haven't read all the stories and want to remain unspoiled, please browse carefully!

Encyclopedic content by category

Other categories

We also have information about related people such as translators and illustrators and even about music inspired by these stories.

Fool's Assassin US cover art.

Recent Robin Hobb & Megan Lindholm stories

Upcoming Robin Hobb & Megan Lindholm titles

The estimated publication of Fool's Assassin is 114 days away.

How you can help

If you want to contribute, please start by registering an account. Then you can choose any existing article and start adding to it, or see if you could write one of the most wanted pages. It is also a good idea to read the help page before you start editing and visit the Community Portal to see what sections of the buried city the content we are currently working on.

Special thanks

These people have generously allowed us to use material they have painstakingly gathered over the years: namely Jarmo's list of Farseer characters and places, and Willem's list of book editions and translations. Thank you kindly!