Realm of the Elderlings

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Map of the Six Duchies and Cursed Shores, based on those found in the Farseer, Liveship Traders and Tawny Man trilogies. Colour version by Crooty.

The Realm of the Elderlings, also known as the world of Eda and El, is the universe where most of Robin Hobb's books take place. The area reaches from the Out Islands in the far north to beyond far south past the edges of every map Verity ever studied, and includes the Six Duchies, the Mountain Kingdom, the Cursed Shores, the Rain Wilds, Chalced, Jamaillia and Clerres. It is implied that the world is round like ours.

The name "Realm of the Elderlings" isn't used by the characters within that universe, but is a descriptive title that first appeared in print around the time the Legends 2 anthology with the story Homecoming was published.

Chronological order

The chronological order of the novels is the same as the publishing order:

ordered by series

The following is more or less the chronological order of events in all the stories set in the Realm of the Elderlings. It is not vital to read the stories in this order, but it is generally recommend to read the main novels (bolded) in the chronological order. Even when the stories happen in different parts of the world, there are plot lines that are interconnected and some characters that travel far and wide, so reading the novels in the chronological order is crucial for those who want to avoid spoilers. The short stories can be read in almost any order without having to fear spoilers. Words Like Coins and Blue Boots are set during the time of Assassin's Apprentice / Royal Assassin.[1]

ordered by story


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The Realm of the Elderlings

The Farseer trilogy : Assassin's Apprentice | Royal Assassin | Assassin's Quest

The Liveship Traders: Ship of Magic | The Mad Ship | Ship of Destiny

The Tawny Man: Fool's Errand | The Golden Fool | Fool's Fate

Rain Wild Chronicles: Dragon Keeper | Dragon Haven | City of Dragons | Blood of Dragons

Fitz and the Fool: Fool's AssassinFool's QuestAssassin's Fate

Novels: The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince

Short stories: Homecoming | The Inheritance | Cat's Meat | Words Like Coins | Blue Boots