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The original US cover of Royal Assassin by Michael Whelan.
The original UK cover of Royal Assassin by John Howe (hardcover and paperback).
New 2014 UK cover for Royal Assassin by Jackie Morris.
New 2014 US cover for Royal Assassin by Alejandro Colucci.

The second book in the Farseer trilogy, first published in 1996. The first book is Assassin's Apprentice while the last is Assassin's Quest.


The dedication in the first editions is the same it was for the first edition of Assassin's Apprentice:

For Giles
And for Raphael and Freddy,
the Princes of Assassins.

Later editions have:

For Ryan


  • A UK hardcover edition from Voyager/HarperCollins in March 1996 with ISBN 0002246074, covers illustrated by John Howe. Original price £15.99
  • A US trade paperback edition from Bantam Spectra in May 1996 with ISBN 0553375636. The covers were illustrated by Michael Whelan.
    • The Advance Reading Copy uses the same art but it is in a frame on purple background.
  • A UK trade paperback edition from HarperCollins in March 1996 with ISBN 0002246481.
  • A US paperback edition was issued in February 1997 with ISBN 0553573411 with the Michael Whelan covers, reprints until 2014.
  • A UK paperback edition was issued in 1997 (some sources say already in 1996) with ISBN 0006480101 with the cover illustrations of John Howe. Reprints from 2008 onwards use the running wolf design by Jackie Morris but the same ISBN.
  • A UK trade paperback edition in March 2014 with new Jackie Morris covers to match the UK design of Fool's Assassin, ISBN 9780007562268.
  • A US hardcover edition by Subterranean Press in December 2016, with new cover art by John Howe. This is part of a reprint of the whole first trilogy and is available in three formats:
    • Limited Edition Set of the whole trilogy, 500 signed numbered sets, bound in cloth, $180.00
    • Lettered Edition Set, 26 signed leatherbound sets, housed in a custom tray case
    • each volume of the trilogy sold individually, $60.00 each
  • A UK slipcased hardcover edition by Harper Voyager the 23rd of March 2017 with ISBN 9780008223274, to match the AA 20th anniversary edition.
  • A Kindle edition by Harper Voyager 1st of September 2011 with ASIN: B005JE1KHE.
  • An unabridged audiobook edition by Tantor Media, 24th of May 2010 with ASIN: B0085RZLOK, length 30 hours, read by Paul Boehmer.
  • An unabridged audiobook edition by HarperCollins Publishers Limited, 30th of August 2012, length 29 hours 21 minutes with ASIN: B0093URQVE. Read by Paul Boehmer.


For the covers of these translations, see Royal Assassin cover gallery.

  • A Bulgarian translation Кралска поръчка from Бард in 2001 with ISBN 9545852519. Translated by Крум Бъчваров, Whelan cover art.
  • A Chinese translation was published by 奇幻基地, translation by 姜愛玲 in two parts: 皇家刺客(上) in June 2003 and 皇家刺客(下) in July 2003.
  • A Dutch translation Moordenaar des Konings, a hardcover published the 6th of August 1998 by Meulenhoff with ISBN 9029057017 (the dustcover incorrectly has the ISBN of the previous book). Cover art by John Howe, translation Peter Cuijpers. Reprinted in 1999 in paperback with ISBN 9029059672 and again the 25th of October 2000 with ISBN 9029068337 (Mpact). A new edition translated by Erica Feberwee with new cover art in February 2011 by De Boekerij with ISBN 9789022545140.
  • An Estonian translation Kuninglik salamõrtsukas in hardcover by Varrak and translated by Kaaren Kaer split into two parts: first part published in 2007 with ISBN 9789985314746, second part published in 2009 with ISBN 9789985317068. John Howe covers.
  • A Finnish translation Kuninkaan salamurhaaja was published by Otava in 1997 with ISBN 9511146157 (hardcover), and in 2000 with ISBN 9511166638 (paperback). Translator Sauli Santikko, Whelan covers.
  • A French translation in two parts:
    • L'Assassin du roi, first published in trade paperback the in February 1999 by Pygmalion with ISBN 2857045670, cover art by Michael Whelan, translated by Arnaud Mousnier-Lompré. Reprinted by J'ai lu in ??
    • La Nef du crépuscule, first published in trade paperback the 16th of September 1999 by Pygmalion with ISBN 2857045670? or ISBN 2857045913, translated by Arnaud Mousnier-Lompré. Reprinted by J'ai lu in 2002
  • A French omnibus edition of Assassin's Apprentice and Royal Assassin, La Citadelle des ombre's 1: L'Apprenti assassin, L'Assassin du roi, La Nef du crépuscule in March 2000 from Pygmalion with ISBN 2857046278.
  • A German translation Des Königs Meuchelmörder was published by Bastei Lübbe in 1997 with ISBN 3404282353, translated by Eva Bauche-Eppers, Whelan cover art. Reprinted in 1999 with ISBN 3404203607 ?. Reprinted again in hardcover in 2004 by Weltbild Verlag with cover art by Max Bertolini.
  • A German translation Der Schattenbote from Heyne in 2009 with ISBN 9783453525207 (also available for kindle). Also released as an audio book the 15 of March 2016 by Ronin - Hörverlag with ASIN B01CSZY0AK. Narrated by Matthias Lühn, length 31 hours and 31 minutes.
  • A Greek translation Στην υπηρεσία του βασιλιά from Anubis in 2002 with ISBN 9789603063551, translated by Ειρήνη Παϊδούση, Whelan cover art.
  • A Hebrew translation רוצח מלכותי in 1998 by Astrolog, trade paperback. Translation by הוצאת אסטרולוג. Reprint with an altered cover (sitting wolf instead of standing).
  • A Hungarian translation in two parts:
    • A király orgyilkosa by FutureGates in 1997 with ISBN 9630480557. Translated by Norbert Horváth and Cseperke Papp (poems), cover art by Csaba Zsilvölgyi ("Max").
    • A nép orgyilkosa by Camarilla in 1998 with ISBN 9630490781. Translated by Norbert Horváth and Cseperke Papp (poems), cover art by Csaba Zsilvölgyi ("Max").
  • A Hungarian translation A Király Orgyilkosa from Delta Vision in 2008 in hardcover with ISBN 9789639679764.
  • A Japanese translation in July 2005 in paperback, translated by 鍛治靖子, in two parts: 帝王の陰謀〈上〉 with ISBN 9784488562038 and 帝王の陰謀〈下〉 with ISBN 9784488562045.
  • A Polish translation Królewski skrytobójca from Proszynski i S-ka the 18th of August 1997 in paperback with ISBN 8371806981, translator Agnieszka Cieplowska. Reprinted by MAG the 27th of May 2005 in paperback with ISBN 8371806981 and the Stephen Youll cover art for US Fool's Errand. Reprinted in 2014 with cover art by Dagmara Matuszak.
  • A Portuegese translation from Saida de Emergência in 2009 split into two parts with Howe cover art:
  • A Portuguese translation O Assassino do Rei in March 2014 by LeYa Brasil with ISBN 9788580448726, translated by Orlando Moreira and with cover art by Marc Simonetti.
  • A Russian translation in 1997 by Азбука - Терра in hardcover, translated by М.А. Юнгер, in two parts:
    • Королевский убийца with ISBN 576840337X, cover art of Michael Whelan
    • Тайна убийцы with ISBN 5768403604, cover art by Michael Whelan (depicting a ship in a storm, maybe originally for some other book?)
  • A Russian hardcover edition Королевский убийца in 2003 with ISBN 5699012753 with cover art by Stephen Youll (the image is originally from the cover of GRR Martin's A Clash of Kings). Reprinted in hardcover with Whelan's original cover art with ISBN 5699149872 in 2006 and again in 2007 with corrections as ISBN 9785699249978 (Whelan's art framed on a light pink background as the cover.) Most recent reprint in hardcover is ISBN 9785699537136 in 2011 (Whelan's original artwork, different typography from previous ones).
  • A Russian omnibus of the whole Farseer trilogy titled Трилогия о королевском убийце in hardcover with ISBN 9785699405671 published in 2010.
  • A Russian omnibus edition Королевский убийца containing Assassin's Apprentice and Royal Assassin from Азбука in 2017. Hardcover, ISBN 9785389113947 with the new Jackie Morris cover art. There is a matching edition of Assassin's Quest.
  • A Serbian translation Kraljev ubica by Laguna in 2008, Beograd with ISBN 9788674368039 and John Howe's cover art.
  • A Spanish translation published in two parts by La Factoria de Ideas, translated by Manuel de los Reyes:
  • A Spanish translation Asesino real in 2007 by Círculo de Lectores in hardcover with ISBN 9788467227260. A paperback reprint in 2011 by Factoría de las Ideas with ISBN 9788498007046 and the Jackie Morris buck design. Reprinted again in 2014 by DeBolsillo with ISBN 9788490623121 and cover art by Marc Simonetti. Also published by Plaza & Janés in 2014 with ISBN 9786073123815 (also as an ebook with ISBN 9786073124072) with cover art by Marc Simonetti.
  • A Swedish translation Berättelsen om Fjärrskådarna: Vargbroder was published by Natur och Kultur in 1997 with ISBN 9127065413 in hardcover, in 1998 with ISBN 9127072274 in paperback and again in 2000 with ISBN 9127081230 in paperback. Translation by Ylva Spångberg. Whelan cover art.
  • A Turkish translation Kraliyet Suikastçısı from İthaki Yayınları in 2005 with ISBN 9789752731431. Whelan cover art.
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