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New icons, links and Trader Friends

8 Feb, 2006 filed under: Site updates, Internet

There are two new sets of beautiful icons available, this time containing quotes from Robin Hobb’s books. As this popular area seems to be growing steadily, I’ve installed a script that should help browsing the icons.
There are also some new links, including a fanart collection and an interview. For those of us obsessed with fanlistings, I’d recommend visiting the Trader Friends page. Nighteyes and The Tawny Man trilogy are the newest additions. :)


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She trusted to her simple life to protect her. Kennit knew the truth of that. No one can have so little that someone else can find nothing to envy. Poverty and simplicity were not shields from the greed of others. If you had nothing left to steal, they´d take your body and enslave it.

from "the Mad Ship"

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