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Robin Hobb in Japan this weekend

27 Aug, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, Japan

Robin Hobb will attend the Worldcon 2007 held in Japan from 30th of August to 3rd of September. More information about the con and timetables at the Worldcon website. If you’re going there, feel free to send us reports and photos! Also, if there are any Japanese RH fansites or forums that anyone knows, I’d be happy to plug them here.

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On 2 Sep, 2007 Kikadhe Livingston said

Kikadhe Livingston’s gravatar

I’m just finishing reading the Farseer trilogy—which I think shows a remarkable focus and continuity and which keeps me mesmerized. Between reading Royal Assasin and Assasin’s Quest, I fitted in the final book of Harry Potter. Harry is surrounded by magic, mayhem and mystery; but I love the land of the six duchies, the Mountain Kingdom, etc, even better because it is medieval in tone—a time and place I’d have been comfortable in, even if it is harrowed by the red ship raiders. I hope we learn about how the coastal towns became forged. It is so like what is happening to people today, and, with as much mystery about our being forged! I’m glad I know Robin is a woman; more power to her and I praise her style and integrity.

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