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New French translations and Imaginales information

26 Apr, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb, Megan Lindholm, France

Lucide has sent us some news from France.

The following translations have been published in April:
* An anthology of urban fantasy titled De Brocéliande en Avalon edited by Lucie Chenu that contains Le Quadragénaire et la Dame d’Argent (Silver Lady and the Fortyish man), by Terre de Brume.

  • La magie de la peur, vol 4 of Le Soldat Chamane
    (part 2/3 of the split translation of Forest Mage), by Pygmalion

  • La porte du Limbreth (The Limbreth Gate), paperback by J’ai lu

  • Le cavalier rêveur, vol 2 of Le Soldat Chamane (second half of Shaman’s
    Crossing), paperback by J’ai lu

  • Ombres et flammes, vol 8 of Les aventuriers de la mer (part 2/3 of the split translation of Ship of Destiny), paperback by J’ai lu

Also, prior to her visit to the Imaginales 2008 festival (May 22th—25th) Robin is expected to make an appearance May 19th in Fnac Saint-Lazare—though this event is still tentative. More information in French at Rivages Maudits.

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