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22 Sep, 2008 filed under: Site updates

Parts of might be down or working weirdly during this week. I’m upgrading several things and polishing some corners, and the end result will hopefully be a better site. I also need to purchase more space as we seem to have run out! Thank you for your patience. As always, any suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

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On 23 Sep, 2008 chriSchaeffer said

chriSchaeffer’s gravatar

How about a place for us to donate something for all the hard work you do? Maybe a paypal tip jar or an amazon wish list?

This is such an amazing site and I’m betting there are a lot of other people that would like to voice their appreciation as well.

Keep up the great work!

On 23 Sep, 2008 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

Aww, thank you! :) That sort of feedback really makes me happy, especially now that I’m dealing with script bugs (yes, the forums are down for longer than I expected, sorry!)

Actually, if anyone purchases something through the store links at this site, small amounts of that money go into my affiliate program account and one day I might earn a gift certificate from them. ;)

On 24 Sep, 2008 chriSchaeffer said

chriSchaeffer’s gravatar

Well I’ll remember that the next time I buy a book, but in the meantime, I say put up a tip jar.

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