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Jackie Morris to illustrate Dragon Keeper

12 Feb, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Jackie Morris, who recently illustrated the covers for the new UK editions of the Farseer, the Liveship Traders, the Tawny Man and the Soldier Son trilogies has received a part of the finished Dragon Keeper manuscript and will make the cover art for that book as well. She often posts progress report photos about her works at her fantastical journal so keep an eye on it.
Are we jealous or what? :P

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On 13 Feb, 2009 John said

John’s gravatar

Gahhhhhhh, bring back John Howe. No offense to these new, avant-garde minimalist covers, but I want my nicely illustrated scene-or-location-from-the-book thanks.

Not a picture of a thing. On a plain white or black background :(

On 13 Feb, 2009 Julia Guthrie said

Julia Guthrie’s gravatar

I’m very excited about this…I love Jackie’s work & have just heard from her via email that the book is amazing…shes just sad that she only has 7 chapters!! hehe…
we feel so sorry for her don’t we? LOL

On 13 Feb, 2009 Tintaglia said

Tintaglia’s gravatar

Oh! I want Dragon Keeper ever more now… T T

On 13 Feb, 2009 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

John, have you seen the actual books? The backgrounds are not solid boring colours but very nice gilded tiles.
I’m a huge fan on both artists. On the other hand it will be weird not to have a JH hardcover book among the others, but on the other, I love Jackie’s elegant designs, and especially her dragons! :)

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