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Join the tangle / 6 years of plenty

19 Mar, 2009 filed under: Site updates

Can you believe it’s already been six years since I uploaded the very first version of the Plenty? Here’s how it looked! In the beginning, it was just a fanlisting with some basic information and small news updates, and even hosted by someone else. But thanks to you, the visitors, the site has grown and changed quite a bit, now has its own domain, and since the wiki and the forum were added I now consider this to be more “ours” than “mine”. :) If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see here in the future, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

Talking about the fanlisting that started it all, it’s nearing a 500 members mark (from 41 countries!), and I have just revamped the layout and otherwise polished it a bit. Take a look, and please consider adding your name if you haven’t done so already. :)

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On 20 Mar, 2009 Anonymous said

Anonymous’s gravatar

You’ve done a great job! I love what the site has become. I wish every author I followed had as many devoted fans as Robin does.

Keep up the great work!

On 22 Mar, 2009 Antebar said

Antebar’s gravatar

I’ve just read that The Plenty opened on 17th March 2003: well, it’s a funny coincidence but our Blood Memories officially opened on 17th March 2009!
I hope that sharing the same birthday will bring us the same luck you had. :)

So, happy birthday to The Plenty: thanks for all!!!


On 29 Mar, 2009 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

Thank you very much, anon. :)

And Antebar, I want to wish you all the best with the site, how cool that we share “birthdays”! :) And please don’t forget to send me news about the Italian Hobb books and fans, I’ll gladly post them here as well.

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