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The Dragon Keeper book trailer

17 Jun, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Robin Hobb’s official book trailer for her upcoming novel the Dragon Keeper.

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On 17 Jun, 2009 BladeRunner said

BladeRunner’s gravatar

Hmm I’m not sure about the book trailer, I kind of like to generate my own pre-conceptions and develop the characters and setting in my own mind.

Still it all sounds awesome.

On 17 Jun, 2009 chriSchaeffer said

chriSchaeffer’s gravatar

I’m with you BladeRunner. I can appreciate that book publishers want to market their new books, but I think these low budget films make the book look cheap.

On 17 Jun, 2009 Cooncheez said

Cooncheez’s gravatar

Yeah, I kinda wish I hadn’t watched this. The book will be totally awesome though! A video like this would work if you had a few still shots of characters (preferably painted by John Howe haha) complimented by 3 or 4 punchlines. The UK/Aus covers for the Farseer trilogy are so effective with the character thumbnails that surround a particular scene from the book. They get your own imagination soaring because the artwork is such mastery, which compliments Hobb’s phenomenal writing, whereas a cheaply made, drawn out video like this just sells Hobb’s ability short beyond words.

On 18 Jun, 2009 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

I thought the general idea and the make up and costumes were wonderful, but the picture quality is kind of disappointing. I’m wondering if it’s caused by some youtube limitation, because so many videos there seem to have this same hitch.
I think it’s very refreshing that Robin’s team is trying out new areas advertising the new book. I had heard about book trailers but had never seen one before, so I think they’re still pretty new and rare.

On 18 Jun, 2009 chriSchaeffer said

chriSchaeffer’s gravatar

This was one of the first “book trailers” I saw. I thought it was awful even though I’m a fan of the author.

On 18 Jun, 2009 chriSchaeffer said

chriSchaeffer’s gravatar

crap. link didn’t post… the bracketed URL tags are broken.

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