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First US edition of the Inheritance a paperback?

6 Oct, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

It looks like the first US edition of the upcoming Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm collection The Inheritance will be a paperback. While the UK hardcover is scheduled for March 31st 2011, the US edition was expected to become available in May 2011 but there weren’t any other details about it yet. Now has finally listed the book (thanks to Brad from Robin’s NG for noticing!) and the following: the publisher is still marked as Eos despite the reported global HarperVoyager merge, the publication date is May 3rd and it’s listed as a 400 pages long paperback. Well, the coming months will show if all that information is correct—however the HarperCollins catalogue lists much of the same info.

So, The Inheritance: And Other Stories is available for preorders at and our wiki page has all the information available about this title so far.

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