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Robin Hobb in Taiwan Feb 9.—12.

31 Jan, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb, Taiwan

updated! As reported previously, Robin Hobb will attend the Taipei International Book Exposition in Taiwan. She will be there from the 9th of February to the 12th of Feb.
(source 1, source 2)
She will also be visiting Eslite bookstores and will be signing her books on Feb 11th from 2 to 3 PM at the Book Expo in Hall 2.

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250+ fans!

25 Jan, 2006 filed under: Site updates sent us a pretty banner for reaching the first “official milestone”, 250 fans! I want to thank you all for joining and making this listing and site what it is today. It’s been a fun ride, and I hope we can see both the site content and member count grow even more! :)
250 fans

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Sara’s Cookbook

7 Jan, 2006 filed under: Site updates

We have opened a new project called Sara’s cookbook which aims to gather fan made recipes of foods mentioned in Robin Hobb’s books. Thick’s Pink Sugar Cake and Chade’s Carris Seed cakes are already listed… if you have a recipe in mind, send it in!

There is also a new wallpaper made of John Howe’s cover art for Ship of Destiny.

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Lots of goodies!

1 Jan, 2006 filed under: Site updates

We have a new set of livejournal icons thanks to hedgemaster as well as a brand new section of bookmarks with the first set already available.
Please remember that if you have wallpapers, icons or other digital creations from or about the works of Robin Hobb, you can contact me about getting them posted at this site. :)

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