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Forest Mage available in UK

29 Jun, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Looks like Forest Mage has found its way to the shelfs of British bookshops too even though the official release date isn’t until July 3rd. Go get your copy now!

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Upcoming French translations

28 Jun, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb, Megan Lindholm, Internet, France

SerpentBlanc sent in the following news: French translation of Alien Earth will be in bookstores tomorrow, 29th of June. Luck of the Wheels, the fourth book of the Ki and Vandien series will be published in August with the title Les roues du destin.The first half of Shaman’s Crossing will be out October 26th with the title La déchirure. Les Rivages Maudits has started a special section at their site for the series.
And finally, it has been confirmed that Robin will be visiting France from 27th of September to 1st of  October!

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Forest Mage available in Australia

28 Jun, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb, Australia, England/UK

Forest Mage has been officially released in Australia and is available in shops. Also, has listed it as “ready to be shipped” for over a week now, but whether anyone has yet received a copy is still unclear. If you have any news regarding FM, do drop us a line

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Megan Lindholm cover art for sale!

4 Jun, 2006 filed under: Megan Lindholm, Internet

Found this while searching info for the PlentyWiki: Paul Gregory is selling three original artworks that were used to illustrate the covers of the UK editions of three of the Ki and Vandien books.

Read more at his official site.

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New Hobb interview

1 Jun, 2006 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Patrick has posted a new Robin Hobb interview at his blog. It discusses among other things the Soldier Son trilogy and Forest Mage but is spoiler free, so you can safely visit the link.

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