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French blog and books

12 Nov, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet, France

Robin Hobb’s Myspace blog can now be read in French translated by her fans from Les Rivages Maudits (with the permission from the author). You can read it here.

Two new paperbacks are set to be published February 8th 2008: the 7th book of The Liveship traders in French, Le seigneur des trois règnes (first part of Ship of Destiny) and the paperback translation of the anthology Legends II which includes the Robin Hobb story Retour au Pays (Homecoming).

Thank you SerpentBlanc for keeping us all updated!

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Robin 2nd highest rated at fictionwise

11 Nov, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

This was posted at Robin’s newsgroup today: Robin is currently listed #2 in the “Highest rated authors” list on the e-books site You can see the top lists here.

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Pre-order a signed Renegade’s Magic

8 Nov, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, US, Internet

Shawn from let us know that Robin is again going to sign copies of her newest book, the US edition of Renegade’s Magic for them. You can pre-order a signed and personalized copy right here.

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US cover for Renegade’s Magic published

8 Nov, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

HarperCollins has updated their website with the final cover for the US edition of Renegade’s Magic, set to be released 8th of January 2008. They also have a cute little countdown clock to the release date which shows that there remains about 60 days until this edition comes out.

You can see the cover here at PlentyWiki.

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Possible title for the Rain Wilds story

2 Nov, 2007 filed under: Robin Hobb

The upcoming Rain Wilds story has the working title Dragonkeeper according to Robin’s post here.

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