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Happy birthday Robin!

4 Mar, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb

Today, March the 5th, is Robin Hobb’s birthday. Remember to stop by at her newsgroup to leave your special greetings for her. :)


New and old books in German

4 Mar, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb, Germany

Lots of great news for German fans! First, the German translation of Shaman’s Crossing called Die Schamanenbrücke is scheduled to be published in March by Klett-Cotta. And what’s possibly even more exciting is that Robin has announced she’s signed a new contract with Heyne: they will publish a new German paperback edition (as well as e-books) of the Farseer trilogy and they will also produce audio books of it.


Online tidbits

4 Mar, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Some tips for your Hobb-related web surfing:

  • somehow this has managed to slip past my eyes unnoticed, but there’s a really lovely essay by Robin Hobb at her HarperCollins author page about how some stories come to her. It’s titled A River Runs Under It. (Edited to update the link, thanks Lucide!)

  • Fantasybookspot has put up a review about Renegade’s Magic.

  • the French fansite Rivages Maudits has gone through an impressing overhaul (try it through Babelfish if you don’t know any French, it’s worth it!)


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