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Yesterday’s chat transcript available

11 Oct, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb, France

Soleil has posted the transcript from yesterday’s chat with Robin Hobb here. All the questions have been translated to English and there are no real spoilers for any of her books, so enjoy reading!


French Robin Hobb chat tomorrow

9 Oct, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb, France

Soleil, the publisher of L’Assassin Royal: Le Bâtard is hosting an online chat with Robin Hobb tomorrow, the 10th of October. You can access it here at Soleil’s site at 7PM local time (that’s 10AM PST). (Fixed world clock for this event.)

Thank you Ciboule for sending this in!


Utopiales schedule

5 Oct, 2008 filed under: Robin Hobb, France

Robin will be a guest at the Utopiales festival in France from October 29th to Novermber 3rd. Here is Robin’s schedule from the official site:
Oct 29th 6.30 pm : opening ceremony with a concert, a movie and a cocktail
Oct 30th 7:30 to 8:30 : a conference about fantasy and folklore
Oct 31st 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm : a conference about web and american presidential elections
Nov 1st 4 pm to 5 pm : a conference about Robin Hobb’s books
Nov 1st at 7.30 : the award ceremony
Nov 3rd departure from Nantes by plane at 7.20 am
There will be also dedications on the books shop.
All events at Nantes Event Center.


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