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18 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet, France

Adventure game name inspired by the Liveship traders.
Two cow jokes—the scifi edition, including a Robin Hobb one.
ActuSF is hosting a 3 day event at their forums where Robin Hobb answers the French readers’ questions (with the help of a translator).

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French Renegade’s Magic

11 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, France

Le Renégat, part 1/3 of the French translation of Renegade’s Magic, will be available today, 11th of March, from Pygmalion. This is the sixth book in the split translation of the Soldier Son trilogy. J’ai lu is also publishing the series in a different edition, and the first two book are already available, with Le fils rejeté getting published later this month. As always, Les Rivages Maudits is your best source for all things Hobb in French.

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Free Apprentice for Kindle

5 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, US, Internet

Assassin’s Apprentice is now also available as a free download for Kindle.

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Happy birthday Robin!

4 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb

Today, March the 5th, is Robin Hobb’s birthday. Remember to stop by at her newsgroup to wish her many happy returns! :)

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Download Assassin’s Apprentice for free

3 Mar, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet’s Free First Book Library is offering free copies of 5 fantasy novels, and one of them is Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. Most of you have probably read the book already, but this is a fantastic opportunity to introduce the story to your friends and family! It’s a completely free and legit download provided by Random House. You don’t even need to register an account and it’s available to everyone, regardless of very you live. The books are .pdf files.

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