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Robin Hobb twitterview—your questions asked!

30 Jun, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

@_TheVoyager_ will be doing an exclusive interview with Robin Hobb next week. You can send them your questions: if you have a twitter account, just tweet or DM @_TheVoyager_ and if you don’t, you can email them to . Joining twitter is fun, free and easy (and while you’re at it, consider following @theplentynet as well!)

As a side note—if updates are a bit slow in the next few days it’s simply because I’m lost in the Rain Wilds—my copy of the Dragon Keeper finally arrived today! :)


New excerpt from the Dragon Keeper

29 Jun, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Pat from Fantasy HotList has posted a new excerpt from The Dragon Keeper—this is not the same one that Voyager posted earlier. You can read the excerpt here. Great treat for those of us who are still impatiently waiting for our books!

The Dragon Keeper at is climbing the bestsellers lists, it’s already in the top 10 of “new releases” and in the top 50 of all titles.


The Dragon Keeper available today!

23 Jun, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

The UK edition of Robin Hobb’s brand new book The Dragon Keeper is out today. Online sellers have reportedly already sent out notes that the books are being shipped and copies should also be available in UK stores today. The book is already listed in several of’s bestsellers lists, including the top 20 of “new releases”. Order The Dragon Keeper from

The Dragon Keeper is the first part of the Rain Wild Chronicles and takes place after the events of Fool’s Fate. You can find more details about this book in the wiki and read an extract at Voyager’s blog.


Another book trailer for the Dragon Keeper

19 Jun, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Here’s a new version of the trailer for Robin Hobb’s upcoming book The Dragon Keeper.

I know the trailers say “available in July”, but both the HarperCollins/Voyager sites and are still listing 25th of June as the release date—the Australian release date seems to be July 1st though.

Order The Dragon Keeper from


The Dragon Keeper book trailer

17 Jun, 2009 filed under: Robin Hobb, Internet

Robin Hobb’s official book trailer for her upcoming novel the Dragon Keeper.


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