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Dragon Haven out in Australia today

28 Feb, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, Australia

The Australian Robin Hobb fans get a nice head start this week: Dragon Haven is out today in Australia, both in hardcover and the large format trade paperback. Europeans will have to wait a few more days: the UK hardback and the audio book will be officially released the 4th of March, with the US hardcover and audio book editions to follow in May.
While you wait, you can read the first chapter of Dragon Haven online, it’s a 53 pages .pdf file

For more details, visit the HarperCollins Australia Dragon Haven page and the PlentyWiki Dragon Haven page.

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Assassin’s Apprentice audio book now available

27 Feb, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

Tantor Media has released the long-awaited audio book of Assassin’s Apprentice. This is an unabridged book Narrated by Paul Boehmer. Visit the Tantor online catalogue page to hear a sample and for information about different formats. Currently available by Tantor are also Ship of Magic and Dragon Keeper narrated by Anne Flosnik.

Affiliate links for buying from : Assassin’s Apprentice audio book, Ship of Magic audio book, Dragon Keeper audio book.

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Read a little bit more from Dragon Haven

16 Feb, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, England/UK

Pat from Fantasy Hotlist has posted a short excerpt from Dragon Haven. Go here to read it . It’s different from the first chapter pdf file that was posted yesterday by HarperCollins.

Only 16 more days until Dragon Haven (UK hardback) comes out!

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Read first chapter of Dragon Haven online

15 Feb, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, Australia, England/UK, US

HarperVoyager Australia has posted the first chapter of Dragon Haven online. Go read it! (53 pages, a .pdf file)
Dragon Haven will be available on March 1st in Australia and March 4th in the UK. The US edition by Eos will be published May 11th. An unabridged audiobook will be released in May also.

Preorder Dragon Haven (, Dragon Haven ( or Dragon Haven audio book (

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Blue Boots coming in November

11 Feb, 2010 filed under: Robin Hobb, US

Robin Hobb’s latest myspace entry states that Songs of Love and Death, the cross-genre anthology of fantasy and romance edited by G.R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois now has a publication date of November 16th 2010. Robin’s story in the collection is titled Blue Boots. Martin previously reported that the anthology has been delivered to the publisher.

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