Bresinga (lady)

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Lady Bresinga was originally Jaglea Earwood, from an old and noble line from Lesser Tor in Buck. The holdings of the Bresingas and the Earwoods bordered, and in the years of the Red Ship War the sheltered valley of the Earwoods provided harvest for the devastated Bresingas.

Jaglea Earwood married the widowed lord of the Bresinga manor and bore him an heir, Civil Bresinga. Shortly afterwards the lord died from a fever. Lady Bresinga was Witted like her son, and threatened by the Piebalds. She was first forced to give the Cat that Peladine was living in as a birthday present to Prince Dutiful, and then keep her son at the royal court and remain friends with Dutiful. Eventually she was held as a prisoner in her home by the Piebalds who drove away all her old friends and servants and took avail of first her household and finally even the lady herself. She couldn't live with the situation any longer, and after sending a message to her son, killed herself, triggering Civil to confront Laudwine and Padget in Buckkeep town.