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I'm going to list herbs here as I go once again through the Farseer trilogy. We'll see afterwards whether it's a good idea to just make a list of them or to add articles for each. --Mervi 08:28, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

  • camphor (mentioned by Chade in "Apprenticeship") (a real tree)
  • pain's ease (mentioned by Chade in "Apprenticeship")
  • Sinjon's Wort (used to ward off water sprites by Master Lew) - this appears to be the same as St John's wort so a real herb

I've elected to not make articles for any herbs found in our world, such as "nightshade" which is just another name for belladonna. During some future re-read it might be fun to list all plants and herbs mentioned, but for the purposes of the wiki I think having entries only for original herbs makes more sense. There might of course be some overlap, for example there is a real-world plant called Carry Me. --Mervi (talk) 19:08, 19 June 2014 (EEST)

Some more herbs that are mentioned in the books that are "real world" plants. Robin has said that if a plant mentioned in her stories is poisonous, it's usually a fictional one. However, many real world plants have both beneficial and dangerous uses.

  • Devil's club root (RA, 22)
  • Chickweed (RA, 22)
  • plantain leaves (RA, 22)
  • slippery elm (RA, 22)
  • mountain ash berries (RA, 22)
  • raspberry leaves (RA, 22)
  • willowbark for fever, raspberry root for cough, plantain for infection, nettle for congestion (AQ 3)
  • Fitz gathers to use as poisons: water hemlock, deathcap mushrooms, nightshade, elderberry pith, baneberry - and heartseize (AQ 3)
  • goldenrod / woundwort (AQ 11)
  • bloodroot (AQ 11)
  • goosegrass, chamomile, valerian, (AQ 20)

--Mervi (talk) 04:56, 5 November 2017 (EST)