Chade's tower room

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Chade's tower room is situated near Fitz's room and King Shrewd's chambers on the west side of the keep and above them. It is a large chamber, at least three times as big as Fitz's bedchamber. It also appears to have a high ceiling that is invisible when the lamps that are suspended from it are lit. There are at least three entrances to it. The room has a wine rack to hide one of them and a scroll rack to hide another. There is also a door that leads to Fitz's rooms through a flight of winding stairs, and this is apparently across the room from the hearth.

The chamber is divided into living and working quarters. On one end there is a massive bed, carpets and a wooden table and a chair. There are lots of books and parchments scattered about. The walls are draped with tapestries of open, rolling countyside. At the other end of the chamber is a work table made of stone with various tools of Chade's trade such as containers, a scale and a mortar and pestle. There is also a rack which holds a collection of scrolls and another for holding poisons, powders and tea herbs. The fireplace is at this side of the chamber and there is a low table near it. When Fitz first starts to learn his trade, there are three lizards in a cage in one corner. Slink the weasel also lives in the room.

The two most prominent decorations to the room are a small knife that Fitz stabbed into the mantle over the fire, and Chivalry's sword hanging above this.