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The god which has both a female and a male aspect, especially worshipped in Jamaillia and its outlying settlements. He is called Father of All by men and Mother of All by women.

One of the teachings of Sa is that every night when going to bed you do a ritual called Forgiving the Day. You look back over the day and dismiss the day's pains as things of past and you remember the lessons you learned and the moments of insight you got. Those of more experienced in the ways of Sa learn to balance the day, taking responsibility for their actions and learning, without guilt or regrets.

There are at least 33 Contradictions of Sa which are learned by the priests.

Known Contradictions

  • 1st: Only in Union is there Continuity.
  • 27th: One must plan for the future and anticipate the future without fearing the future.
  • 33rd: A priest should not presume to judge unless he can judge as Sa does; with absolute justice and absolute mercy.