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'''[[Image:Warriors''' is an upcoming cross-genre anthology anthology edited by GRR Martin and Gardner Dozois .jpg|thumb|Cover art for Tor Books that will include the Robin Hobb short story [[The Triumphhardcover edition of Warriors]]. The overall theme is "war and warrior ethos" and all 20 stories are original and never before published
'''Warriors''' is a cross-genre anthology edited by G.R.R Martin and [[Gardner Dozois]] for Tor Books that includes the Robin Hobb short story [[The Triumph]]. The overall theme is "war and warrior ethos". At the time of the publication, all 20 stories were new and never before published . ==Contents==* ''Introduction: "Stories from the Spinner Rack" '' by George R.R. Martin* ''The King of Norway '' by Cecilia Holland* ''Forever Bound '' by Joe Haldeman* '''''The Triumph '' by Robin Hobb'''* ''Clean Slate '' by Lawrence Block* ''And Ministers of Grace '' by Tad Williams* ''Soldierin''' by Joe Lansdale* ''Dirae '' by Peter S. Beagle* ''The Eagle and the Rabbit '' by Steven Saylor* ''Seven Years from Home '' by Naomi Novik* ''The Custom of the Army '' by Diana Gabaldon* ''The Pit '' by James Rollins* ''Out of the Dark '' by David Weber* ''The Girls from Avenger '' by Carrie Vaughn* ''Ancient Ways '' by S.M. Stirling* ''Ninieslando '' by Howard Waldrop* ''Recidivist '' by Gardner Dozois* ''My Name is Legion '' by David Morrell* ''Defenders of the Frontier '' by Robert Silverberg* ''The Scroll '' by David Ball* ''The Mystery Knight '' by George R.R. Martin
* Hardcover A '''US hardcover''' edition by Tor March 16th , 2010with ISBN 9780765320483** A '''UK Book Club edition''' with slightly different cover art in 2010 * A '''split mass market paperback''' edition from Tor Fantasy in three volumes:** Warriors March 29th, 2011 with ISBN 9780765360267 (384 pages)** Warriors 2 May 24th, 2011 with ISBN 9780765360274 (400 pages)** Warriors 3 August 2nd, 2011 with ISBN 9780765360281 (384 pages) - this is the one with "The Triumph" included * an unabridged '''audiobook''' cd from Brilliance Audio the 29th of March 2012 with ISBN 9781455804856, narrated by [[Patrick Lawlor]] and [[Christina Traister]]. Length 31 hrs and 13 mins.  ==Gallery==<gallery>Warriors02.jpg|UK Book Club editionWarriors3.jpg|paperback vol 3 with "The Triumph"Warriors-audio.jpg|audiobook</gallery> ==Translations==* A '''Romanian''' translation in two volumes published in 2012 in paperback by Nemira: ** ''Războinicii vol.1'' with ISBN 9786065793248 ("The Triumph" is in this one.)** ''Războinicii vol.2'' with ISBN 9786065793255* A '''Russian''' translation "Воины" published in November 2012 with ISBN 9785699595792. Reprinted in April 2014 with ISBN 9785699708529. ===International covers===<gallery>Image:24226802.jpg|Romanian, ''Războinicii vol.1''Image:Ru-warriors.jpg|Russian, ''Воины'' (2012)Image:Ru-warriors-2014.jpeg|Russian, ''Воины'' (2014) </gallery>
* Locus Award for Best Anthology (2011)
More ==Links==Announcement at[ GRRM's livejournal]
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