Unicorn in the Maze, The

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The Unicorn in the Maze is a short story published first in 1988 in the anthology The Unicorn Treasury. It tells the story of Willem, a street boy who lives in a city called Grand and is friends with Agatha the potter. Agatha tells Willem about a unicorn living in the maze built in the palace of Princess Morena. The first editions of the books by Doubleday were illustrated by Tim Hildebrandt.


  • A hardcover edition by Doubleday in 1988 with ISBN 0385240007, original price $14.95. With cover art and illustrations by Tim Hildebrandt.
  • A trade paperback edition by Doubleday in June 1991 with ISBN 0385419309, original price $9.00, cover art by Tim Hildebrandt.
  • A paperback edition by Magic Carpet Books in 2004 with ISBN 015205216X, original price $5.95, cover illustrated by Echo Chernik.
  • A hardback school and library binding in 2004 from Topeka Bindery with ISBN 1417636874, original price £11.52. Cover as above?