Coincidence of Birth, A

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A Coincidence of Birth is a Liavek story written by Megan Lindholm. Chronologically it is the first story about Kookaloo, the orphan girl hoping to find out when her birthday is, so she can invest her birth luck.

Editions and translations

  • The story was first published in English in Liavek, City of Luck and Wizardry in 1985. It was republished in an ebook titled Liavek 2 the 17th of August 2015 by CatYelling with ASIN B0143Q5Q5A.
  • A French translation Hasard de naissance was published in 2014 and reprinted in 2016 in a volume simply titled Liavek which combines all the Liavek stories written by Lindholm and Steven Brust. The French translation of this first story also appeared in the collection Fiction - tome 18 in 2014, where it was printed under the pen name Robin Hobb.
  • A Japanese translation was published in April 1989 in the second volume of a split edition of the first Liavek novel titled 魔法都市ライアヴェック〈2〉緑の猫 with ISBN 9784390112925.



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