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Cress is a tiny town in the Claw Island on the Cursed Shores. Excluding the waterfront buildings and market stalls, there are no more than thirty buildings, but every one of them is a marvel. They are mostly of white marble, full of friezes and faces of heroes and the arches are covered in plants both real and carved. There are also white spires and domes. Much of the marble facing was actually brought there by Ephron Vestrit and Vivacia.

On their trip to south, Wintrow is given shore-time in Cress, and he wants to see the carvings on the Idishi Hall and the friezes on the Heroes' Wall. He wanders the streets alone, and gets in trouble with the city guard first at the Well Square. He sees the temple of Odava and the Idishi Hall before the city guards find him again and beat him. After that he finds his shipmates on the Sailors' Walk near the Blowing Scarf betting on a bear-fight.