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The front cover for The Dragon Keeper UK hardcover edition by Jackie Morris.

The Dragon Keeper is part one of the two-part Rain Wild Chronicles. It was originally written as just one book, titled "The Dragon Keeper" but it was so long that the publishers decided to split it (much like happened with The Reindeer People and Wolf's Brother.) Part two is Dragon Haven.

It is not a direct continuation of the the Liveship Traders trilogy but it does take place in the Rain Wilds and Bingtown a short time after the events in Fool's Fate. Like the Liveship books, the story is told in third person. There are four view point characters and we meet some old friends in passing.

The front cover for the US hardcover edition of Dragon Keeper by Steve Stone.


  • UK and Australia hardcover edition published by HarperVoyager 25th of June 2009 with ISBN 9780007273744. Cover art by Jackie Morris. Dustjacket price ¬£ 20.00 HarperCollins UK website also lists a "signed limited edition", a hardback with ISBN 9780007345595 published 3rd of September 2009 but this doesn't seem to exist.
  • Australian trade paperback 1st of July 2009 with the UK cover and ISBN 9780007273768.
  • UK audio book by HarperCollins, unabridged edition 1st of July 2009, narrated by Saskia Butler. ISBN 9780007317097.
  • US ARC/proof copies of this book seems to have been sent out tied with a leather string with a tiny dragon charm attached to it. The US covers went through some font changes before publishing, whether any actual copies with the red and white "fantasy font" exists is not certain.
  • US hardcover edition by HarperCollins/Eos January 26th 2010 with ISBN 0061561622. Cover art by Steve Stone.
  • US audio book by Tantor media, unabridged edition 26th of January, narrated by Anne Flosnik. ISBN 9781400113330.
  • UK paperback edition by HarperVoyager 4th of March 2010 with ISBN 9780007342594.


  • a Dutch translation titled De Kronieken van de Wilde Regenlanden eerste boek: Drakenhoeder by Luitingh scheduled for 11th of November 2009 with ISBN 9789024528769

Notes and sources

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