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Dragon Keeper is an upcoming book by Robin Hobb, set to happen in the Rain Wilds after the events of Fool's Fate. This will be a single book, but since the story got longer than anticipated, it will be published in two volumes. It is not a direct continuation of the the Liveship Traders trilogy. We will see some glimpses of familiar characters, but the main story line will follow new characters and events. The story is told in third person and is told by four view point characters.

The Rain Wild Chronicles - Dragon Keeper

This will be the first volume of the book.

Editions and translations

  • UK and Australia hardcover edition published by HarperVoyager 25th of June 2009 with ISBN 9780007273744 and cover art by Jackie Morris
  • an audio book edition, published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; Unabridged edition 1 July 2009 with ISBN 9780007317097
  • US hardcover edition in January 2010
  • a Dutch translation titled Drakenhoeder by Luitingh scheduled for September 2009

The Rain Wild Chronicles - Dragon Haven

This will be the second volume of the book.

Editions and translations

  • UK, Austrlia and US editions in April or May of 2010

Notes and sources

Some sites like amazon.co.uk lists the following information for the first UK publication