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Farrow is the the southern one of the two inland duchies. The main city is the illustrious Tradeford on the Vin River. The river also marks the boundary between Farrow and Tilth. The Duchy's colour is a deep gold and the symbol is the same as their ruling family Mountwell's, a golden oak tree.

The land around the Vin River is pleasant, and towns like Pome and Landing prosper alongside it, benefitting from the river trade. Further away from the river, the countryside becomes more arid. Arable lands are used to grow flax and hemp, but beyond those are vast open stretches of uninhabited land. The interior is not a true desert , but nonetheless flat and dry. Nomadic tribes move their herds across it but only during the green times of the year. The rest of the year they live in temporary villages near water places and along rivers. In this area is also the vast Blue Lake which is filled by the Cold River that runs from the Mountains. Caravans move between Vin River and Blue Lake, and so bring trade goods from the Mountain Kingdom to the Six Duchies.