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Felicity was a woman in Buckkeep during the years leading up to the reign of the Piebald Prince. She had black hair, was plain looking, crook-toothed, thin-shanked and pock-faced. The kitchen lads called her "pig eyes". Her father was a farmer and her mother was a wet-nurse to Princess Caution, like her mother had been to Capable when she was a child. Felicity was three years older than Caution and had older brothers. Her mother kept on nursing other noble babies at Buckkeep even after Caution had grown, so it's likely she had younger siblings as well. She also had cousins in Tilth.

Felicity grew up with Caution and was her closest playmate, friend and ally. After Caution's death she took care of her son.

notes on her living arrangements, possibly to be combined to the Buckkeep castle article later

After Caution's death she lives on a floor above royals among well born non royalty and visiting nobles, below the level of common servants. When Charger begins his learning they all move to the royal floor. After Charger has grown up and she starts to take care of servants' children, she is granted a chamber on the servants' floor.