Inheritance, the

The Inheritance is a short story set in the Bingtown area. It is the tale of a wizardwood pendant inherited by Cerise from her Grandmother. Chronologically it takes place before Ship of Magic.

"The Inheritance" is also the name of an anthology that contains stories by Robin Hobb & Megan Lindholm, including the title story.


  • First published in a promotional limited edition paperback Voyager 5: Collector's Edition in 2000.
  • An Amazon Short digital edition with ASIN: B000A0F6PO that was only available for US customers. (As of June 2010 it appears this is no longer available.)
  • Reprinted in The Inheritance anthology in 2011.



  • A Dutch translation De erfenis in Er was eens ... 2001, een reisgids naar onverkend fantasy terrein in April 2001 by Meulenhofff with ISBN 9029069309 (paperback). Translated by Peter Cuijpers. Reprinted in In De Geest Van Tolkien in March 2003 by M, ISBN 9022535088.
  • A Dutch translation (title?) published in 2012 in De verhalen.
  • A French translation En héritage in Revue Asphodale no 1, translated by Lionel Davoust, October 2002. ISBN 2847270159.
  • A French translation L’Héritage in L’Héritage et autres nouvelles first published in 2012, reprinted in 2013.

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This story is included in The Inheritance anthology.

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