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Original US cover art for The Reindeer People by Vicente Segrelles.
Current UK cover art for The Reindeer People by Jackie Morris.

The Reindeer People is part one of a two book sequence which concludes with Wolf's Brother, originally published in 1988. It was written as a one-part story with the working title "Herdlord's Healer" [1], but was then edited to be published in two volumes because it would have been too thick as a paperback [2]. A later one volume hardback edition containing both "The Reindeer People" and "Wolf's Brother" was titled A Saga of the Reindeer People.

The story is of Kerlew and his mother Tillu and their life in a frozen, winter-ravaged land and the dangers and magics they have to face.


  • A hardcover one volume edition of TRP and "Wolf's Brother" in May 1989 from Guild America Books/ SFBC, with the title "A Saga of The Reindeer People". Book club edition, a hardcover with dust jacket art by Tom Kidd.



  • A Dutch translation Tillu: vrouw van de toendra in 1992 by Kadmos with ISBN 9067903167. Hardcover, translated by Ans van der Graaff.
  • A Dutch translation Het rendiervolk in 2000 by Meulenhoff with ISBN 9029067837. Paperback.
  • A French translation Le Peuple des Rennes by Le Pré aux clercs the 21st of April 2005 with ISBN 9782842281960, translated by Maryvonne Ssossé. Reprinted in 2006 by France loisirs with ISBN 9782744189548 and again the 12th of March 2008 by Pocket with ISBN 9782266160346. Cover art by Melvyn Grant.
  • A French translation, one volume edition of "The Reindeer People" and "Wolf's Brother", Le Peuple des rennes - L'Intégrale by Le Pré aux clercs the 3rd of May 2012 with ISBN 9782842284954, reprinted the 10 of October 2013 by Pocket with ISBN 9782266240741.
  • A French audio book was published in 2006 by Van Den Bosch Audio with ISBN 2846944156. Narrated by Véronique Groux de Miéry and Yves Mugler. Length 12 hours 35 minutes. Cover art by John Howe.

International covers


Tillu and Kerlew

The Reindeer People | Wolf's Brother


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