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Original US cover of Ship of Magic, art by Stephen Youll.
Original UK cover of Ship of Magic, art by John Howe.
2014 US reprint cover of Ship of Magic, art by Didier Graffet.
2015 UK reprint cover of Ship of Magic, art by Jackie Morris.

Ship of Magic is the first book in the Liveship Traders trilogy. It is followed by The Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny. Unline the precedeeding Farseer trilogy, the story in the Liveship traders is told by multiple viewpoint characters. For Ship of Magic, these are the pirate captain Kennit, the liveships Paragon and Vivacia, the Vestrit family members Wintrow, Althea, Ronica, Keffria and Malta, the sea serpents Maulkin, Shreever and Sessurea as well as Brashen Trell, Kyle Haven and Etta.


This one is for
The Devil's Paw
The Totem
The E J Bruce
The Free Lunch
The Labrador (Scales! Scales!)
The (aptly named) Massacre Bay
The Faithful (Gummi Bears Ahoy!)
The Entrance Point
The Cape St. John
The American Patriot (and Cap'n Wookie)
The Lesbian Warmonger
The Anita J and the Marcy J
The Tarpon
The Capelin
The Dolphin
The (not very) Good News Bay
And even the Chicken Little
But especially for Rain Lady, wherever she may be now.


  • A UK hardback edition from Voyager in 1998 with cover art by John Howe and ISBN 0002254786. Original price £16.99.
    • A book club edition in hardcover in May 1998 CN4150, £9.99, cover by John Howe.
  • A US hardback edition from Bantam Spectra in 1998 with cover art by Stephen Youll and ISBN 0553103245. Original price $23.95.
    • Bantam, Book Club Edition in hardcover in 1998 1121121349.
    • SFBC #14132 in June-July 1998, hardcover $11.50, cover by Stephen Youll. (these two are possibly the same?)
  • An Australia/New Zealand trade paperback edition from HarperCollins in June 1998 with ISBN 0002256738 cover by John Howe.
  • A US paperback edition from Bantam Spectra in February 1999 with ISBN 0553575635 with the Youll cover.
  • A UK paperback edition from HarperCollins Voyager the 1st of March 1999 with ISBN 000649885X with the Howe cover. Reprinted with a Jackie Morris cover art featuring a single ship beginning in 2008.
  • A turtleback library binding in January 2001 by Demco Media with ISBN 9780606192903.
  • A UK trade paperback from Harper Voyager in April 2012 with ISBN 9780007459728 and the Morris cover.
  • A US paperback reprint in 2014 with cover art from Didier Graffet with ISBN 9780553575637.
  • A UK paperback reprint in 2015 with new cover art by Jackie Morris, this time featuring the Raven flag. ISBN 9780008117450.
  • A US hardback edition from Subterranean Press in 2024 with cover art, endpapers and chapter heading illustrations by John Howe. Available in
    • Limited: 600 signed numbered copies, bound in cloth: $195
    • Lettered: 26 signed bradel bound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $1500
  • An ebook edition by Harper Voyager the 1st of September 2011 with ASIN: B005JE1JWK.
  • An unabridged US audiobook book edition from Tantor the 22nd of February 2010 with ISBN 9781400164370. Narrated by Anne Flosnik, length 35 hours 30 minutes.
  • An unabridged UK audiobook edition from HarperCollins the 29th of August 2012 with ASIN: B0093URKEM. Narrated by Anne Flosnik, length 35 hours 19 minutes.


For covers of these translations, plase visit Ship of Magic cover gallery.

  • A Bulgarian translation Вълшебният кораб from MBG Books in January 2015 in paperback with ISBN 9789542989677, John Howe cover.
  • A Dutch translation De boeken van de levende schepen: Het magische schip the 16th of July 1999 from Meulenhoff with ISBN 9029059699. Trade paperback, cover by John Howe, translation by Peter Cuijpers. Reprinted in 2012 by Boekerij with new cover and ISBN 9789022561768.
  • An Estonian translation Võlulaev from Varrak in 2013 in two parts. Hardcover, translated by Sash Uusjärv, cover art by John Howe. First part ISBN 9789985327210, second part ISBN 9789985328194.
  • A French translation in three parts from Pygmalion in trade paperback, translated by Arnaud Mousnier-Lompré. The Pygmalion editions are also available for Kindle.
  • A French translation Les Aventuriers de la mer : Coffret en 3 volumes combining the three titles above from from J' ai lu in October 2006 with 9782277612971. Cover art by Mathias Bonnard.
  • A German translation in two parts
    • Der Ring der Händler from Blanvalet the 1st of December 1999 with ISBN 9783442249206 and translated by Wolfgang Thon, reprinted by Impressione the 10th of September 2001 with ISBN 9783894801588.
    • Viviaces Erwachen from Blanvalet in 2000 with ISBN 9783442249213 and translated by Wolfgang Thon. I haven't found info or the cover for an Impressione reprint, but they exist for the rest of the series.
  • A German translation Die Zauberschiffe 1+2 combining the two titles above from Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag the 12th of February 2007 with ISBN 9783442244393.
  • An unabridged German audiobook in two parts
    • Der Ring der Händler (Die Zauberschiffe 1) from Ronin - Hörverlag the 1st of December 2016 with ASIN B01N42EYA7. Narrated by Matthias Lühn, length 16 hours and 7 minutes.
    • Viviaces Erwachen (Die Zauberschiffe 2) from Ronin - Hörverlag the 1st of January 2017 with ASIN B01N6J6RAB. Narrated by Matthias Lühn, length 20 hours and 15 minutes.
  • A Greek translation in two parts
    • Καράβι της Μαγείας , Α' Τόμος from Anubis in 2003 with ISBN 9603064076, cover art by John Howe.
    • Καράβι της Μαγείας, Β' Τόμος from Anubis in 2003 with ISBN 9603064084, cover art by John Howe.
  • A Hebrew translation ספינת קסם by Astrolog in 2004 in trade paperback.
  • A Hungarian translation was to published in two parts from Szukits Könyvkiadó, translated by Norbert Horváth. First part Bûvös hajó was published in 2003 with ISBN 9639441759 and cover by art János Jantner but it looks like there was no followup.
  • A Hungarian translation Bûvös hajó in 2013 from Delta Vision in two paperback volumes with ISBN 6155161292 and ISBN 6155161308 respectively, cover art by John Howe.
  • An Italian translation in two parts, translated by Paola Bruna Cartoceti
  • A Polish translation Czarodziejski statek in two parts from Proszynski i S-ka in trade paperback. Covers by Piotr Lukaszewski, translator Ewa Wojtczak. First part the 30th of June 1999 with ISBN 8371804717, the second part the 26th of June 1999 with ISBN 8372553386.
  • A Polish translation Czarodziejski statek in two parts in the series "Andrzej Sapkowski Przedstawia" from MAG in 2007. Cover art by Youll, translator Ewa Wojtczak. First part ISBN 9788374800440 and second part ISBN 9788374800457.
  • A Portuguese translation O Navio Arcano from LeYa Brazil the 19th of October 2017 with ISBN 9788544105474 (paperback), also available as an ebook with ASIN B076J3LP2F. Cover art by Marc Simonetti.
  • A Russian translation Волшебный корабль in 2003 by Эксмо. A hardcoved editon with the Youll cover within blue frames and ISBN 5699016449. Reprinted in 2007 with the same cover art but with pink frames, ISBN 9785699223824. Reprinted again in 2017 by Азбука with the second Jackie Morris cover and ISBN 9785389128279, also available as an ebook.
  • A Spanish translation Las naves de la magia from La Factoría de Ideas in 2006 translated by Jesús María Abascal, Pérez Manuel de los Reyes and Raúl García Campos, with ISBN 9788498002133 and cover art by John Howe. Reprinted in 2012 with the older Jackie Morris cover (ship) - there are at least two printings/editions: ISBN 9788498004151 and ISBN 9788490180556 (Exprés). First released in digital format in 2014 by La Factoría de Ideas/Solaris Fantasía with ISBN 9788490185414 and John Howe's cover art. Reprinted in paperback again in 2016 by DeBolsillo with the new Jackie Morris cover art (raven flag) and ISBN 9788490624913. A Mexican edition was published in 2015 by Plaza y Janés with new cover art by Pico Adworks and ISBN 9786073131834 (paperback) / ISBN 9786073132190 (ebook).
  • A Swedish translation Handelsmännen och de magiska skeppen: Magins skepp in 2000 from Natur och Kultur in hardcover with ISBN 9127079155. Translated by Ylva Spångberg. Reprinted in paperback in June 2002 with ISBN 9127085023.
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