The Book of Magic

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Cover art for the US hardcover edition of The Book of Magic
Cover art for the UK hardcover edition of The Book of Magic

The Book of Magic is an upcoming anthology edited by Gardner Dozois. It is tentatively set to be published in the later part of 2018. The book will contain a new Megan Lindholm story Community Service set in contemporary Tacoma, featuring a protagonist called Celtsie.


  • Introduction by Gardner Dozois
  • The Return Of The Pig by K.J. Parker
  • Community Service by Megan Lindholm
  • Flint And Mirror by John Crowley
  • The Friends Of Masquelayne The Incomparable by Matthew Hughes
  • The Biography Of A Bouncing Boy Terror: Chapter Two: Jumping Jack In Love by Ysabeau S Wilce
  • Song Of Fire by Rachel Pollack
  • Loft The Sorcerer by Eleanor Arnason
  • The Governer by Tim Powers
  • Sungrazer by Liz Williams
  • The Staff In The Stone by Garth Nix
  • No Work Of Mine by Elizabeth Bear
  • Widow Maker by Lavie Tidhar
  • The Wolf And The Manticore by Greg Van Eekhout
  • A Night At The Tarn House by George R.R. Martin
  • The Devil's Whatever by Andy Duncan
  • Bloom by Kate Elliott
  • The Fall and Rise of the House of the Wizard Malkuril by Scott Lynch


  • An ebook edition the 18th of October 2018 from HarperVoyager with ASIN B07CG24LJ5
  • An ebook edition the 16th of October 2018 from Bantam with ASIN B079F3JG7M
  • A US hardcover limited edition from Subterranean Press scheduled for 2019, designed to match their earlier edition of The Book of Swords. The print run will be 300 numbered copies of the limited edition ($250) and 26 lettered copies ($750). This edition also features cover art plus story heading illustrations for each tale and several full-colour plates by Tommy Arnold. The pre-orders have been limited to be available for those who own a corresponsing numbered/lettered edition of The Book of Swords.
  • An unabridged audiobook the 16th of October 2018 from Random House Audio with ASIN B07DJYKNZN




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