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Win 3 Robin Hobb books and a dragon figurine

4 Apr, 2011 filed under: Site updates, Robin Hobb, Megan Lindholm

I’m really excited to announce the very first contest here at! We’re teaming up with HarperCollins in anticipation of the US publication of The Inheritance and Other Stories which is an anthology of ten classic as well as brand new tales from Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm.

One winner gets this amazing prize package courtesy of HarperCollins publishers:

  • a US paperback edition of Dragon Keeper
  • a US paperback edition of Dragon Haven
  • a galley copy of the upcoming The Inheritance and Other Stories
  • a beautiful dragon figurine

And here’s what you need to do to win:

1) Reply in the comments with your name and email address and the answer to this question: what is the connection between the character Ronica from the Liveship Traders trilogy and the short story “Homecoming” that is included in the Inheritance collection? (hint: you can find the answer on this site!)

2) Spread the word about this contest. You can post to forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal communities etc, just make sure that the place where you post is not a locked profile or community.
- Remember to include a link to this contest in your posting.
- Add proof (= links) of your postings to your comment here.

You gain 1 point for every documented posting you make and 1 point for the right answer to the above question. The contestant with most points wins. If there is a tie, the winner’s name will be drawn. The contest ends on Sunday the 10th of April at 11PM GMT+2 (convert to your local time).

Good luck!

//edited to add: new comments go through an approval process to weed out spam. If you don’t see your entry immediately, please be patient.

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On 4 Apr, 2011 Julia Guthrie said

Julia Guthrie’s gravatar

Ronica Vestrit is connected via her links to the Rain Wilds. The story is set in the rain wilds as a prequel to the Liveship Traders.

Julia Guthrie

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On 5 Apr, 2011 'thul said

'thul’s gravatar


1) The main family in the story (Carrock) are ancestors of Ronica (but not of the Vestrits)…

Posted here:
and here:
these beings also posted it in a shoutbox on this site, but apparently its a registration-required site…

On 9 Apr, 2011 'thul said

'thul’s gravatar

These beings have found two to three other places to make people aware of the competition…
the entries are in shoutboxes…
It is also visible here, but ‘thul are unsure if that counts:

all those sites are visited quite a lot.
Please include those entries in the competition entry above under the same name…

On 9 Apr, 2011 steve M said

steve M’s gravatar

weird contest, but good luck to all the players!

On 10 Apr, 2011 Beth said

Beth’s gravatar

one more place (add this on to my other comment?) I;ve added the details is in my Sunday Special giveaways roundup here:

On 10 Apr, 2011 Beth said

Beth’s gravatar

1) Ronica may have married into the Vestrit family, but she was born a Carrock and the Carrocks are the main family (the family the main character has married into?) in the prequel short story Homecoming.

2) Tweeted:!/lizbetflynn!/alittlesunshy

Added to sidebar:

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Added info on goodreads:

On 24 Apr, 2011 Farseer said

Farseer’s gravatar

:clapping: Congrats on your fantastic win, Beth—BRAVO!! :D

On 1 Jul, 2011 nuytsia said

nuytsia’s gravatar

oh crumbs that’s what i get for not coming here for a while, i missed a competition!!!!

Congrats to the winner!

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