What is the Plenty?

In the Liveship Traders trilogy, the Plenty is the world of the sea serpents, the space beneath the border of the Lack. is an unofficial website for readers of Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm.


This site was originally a small "fanlisting with news". The site went online on the 17th of March 2003 and the fanlisting officially opened on April Fool's Day 2003. It was first hosted by Tina at
On the 13th of September 2004 The Plenty got its own space and domain name,
The wiki opened in April 2006 and the forums in May 2008.

Before you send that email...

I am not Robin Hobb, nor do I forward any posts to her. You can find ways to contact her through her official website.

If you have any problems, ideas, concerns or questions regarding this website, please do contact me: memories at theplenty dot net

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The dragon in the layout is from a freeware font set called "mythology one" digitized by Steven J. Lundeen from a collection of 19th century woodcuts that are in the public domain.
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