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2 Sep, 2014 filed under: Site updates, Internet, contest

This September, the domain name has been online for 10 years! The site is actually about 18 months older than that—in the beginning this place was just a small fanlisting with a news sidebar, hosted by a kind stranger. But beginning in the autumn of 2004 with the move to my own space and the domain name, I started to add more content. With the addition of the wiki in 2006 and the forums in 2008 the Plenty has grown quite a bit. This August we had an all time record number of visitors. To celebrate this first decade, I’m running a giveaway!

theplentynet 10 years giveaway prize

Prize: a set of US paperback copies of Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven with the Jackie Morris covers, both signed by Robin Hobb.
Open: to all residents of planet Tellus with an email address.
Closes : September 13, 2014 23:00 EEST (convert to your place in time). NOW CLOSED.
Winner: will be chosen by a randomiser.
Rules: leave a comment on this entry with a valid email address. If you win, you need to be able to provide a physical address where I can send the books. If for some reason you can’t use the comment form, you can email your entry to memories (a) the plenty dot net—please put “theplentynet giveaway” or something similar as the subject.
Good luck!

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On 2 Sep, 2014 Rachel said

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Super surprised to see “no comments yet”! What’s going on?! *post post post*

On 2 Sep, 2014 Badger said

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Hopefully this is good?

On 2 Sep, 2014 Rlingard said

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On 2 Sep, 2014 Manon said

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I have never been wise !

On 2 Sep, 2014 Ambra said

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Great, I’ll try it :)

On 2 Sep, 2014 John said

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[robin hobb quote here]

On 2 Sep, 2014 Pia said

Pia’s gravatar

Here I am!
Happy 10th birthday!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Hypo said

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Happy birthday!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Chris said

Chris’s gravatar

congrats on 10 years! thanks for hosting this giveaway!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Chris Schaeffer said

Chris Schaeffer’s gravatar

Congrats on 10 years! It’s been a pleasure to watch this site grow and encourage relationships between Hobb fans.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Kira said

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What a wonderful giveaway and a very nice website too. Happy birthday. My luck is rather horrible but I’ll try anyway.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Andrea said

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On 2 Sep, 2014 Aurora Nibley said

Aurora Nibley’s gravatar

Posting for to winning!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Joost said

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Congratulations on the 10 year. I’ve only been part of it for half of that, but I’ve always liked it on the forum.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Bibliotropic said

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10 years is an awesome achievement! Here’s to another 10, or at least as many as one can manage before the aliens take over and the technocalypse wipes out our Internet access.

(Also, email address is

On 2 Sep, 2014 Jasmine said

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Congrats on ten years here. couldn’t not try for signed books :)

On 2 Sep, 2014 ProphetAndCatalyst said

ProphetAndCatalyst’s gravatar

Greetings from Kelsingra, the City of Dragons wishes you many happy returns for your anniversary

On 2 Sep, 2014 jonjon said

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To plentynet give aways. ..

Kind regards from sunny Holland.


On 2 Sep, 2014 Alex said

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Happy birthday! Good luck to everyone!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Alex said

Alex’s gravatar

two signed books by my most favorite author ever! Of course I have to enter! =)

Happy Birthday, I remember my 10th birthday too! It was pretty awesome!!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Ms. Huis Herself said

Ms. Huis Herself’s gravatar

I adore Robin Hobb! I just finished Fool’s Assassin last week & reading it felt just like coming back home again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this giveaway ‘cuz it’s amazing!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Michelle said

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Congrats on 10 years!!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Ewan McIntyre said

Ewan McIntyre’s gravatar

Congratulations on the 10 years!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Hannah said

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Congratulations on the 10 years!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Lady Wagasa said

Lady Wagasa’s gravatar

I want to participate

On 2 Sep, 2014 David Roush said

David Roush’s gravatar

Love Signed books.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Sana said

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Happy 10th Birthday!

Wow! These books look ferocious.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Nerissa Naidoo said

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Happy Birthday!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Ian said

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Cool competition!!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Katie said

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On 2 Sep, 2014 Yvonne said

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Love robin hobb’s writing. These books are awesome! Fingers crossed I win 🙈

On 2 Sep, 2014 Álvaro said

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On 2 Sep, 2014 Alex said

Alex’s gravatar

I haven’t read these books yet, but I hope to soon.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Amy said

Amy’s gravatar

My mam absolutely adores these books and I can’t wait to read them myself! Happy 10th Birthday!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Seth said

Seth’s gravatar

Hello world.

On 2 Sep, 2014 MAW said

MAW’s gravatar

what a lovely idea!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Caroline Fisher said

Caroline Fisher’s gravatar

I love Robin Hobb’s writings.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Naeem Anjum said

Naeem Anjum’s gravatar

Don’t usually comment on anything but being a Robin Hobb fan am delighted to have found this site via Twitter. Oh, and happy birthday!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Mirjam said

Mirjam’s gravatar

Congratulations!!! Eep I love Robin Hobb!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Shane said

Shane’s gravatar

Ahh I really hope I win

On 2 Sep, 2014 JayKay said

JayKay’s gravatar

I love Robin Hobb. She is one of my favourite authors since 1995. She’s amazing.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Otto said

Otto’s gravatar

Please pick me, Mister or Miss Randomizer!


On 2 Sep, 2014 Mel said

Mel’s gravatar

Don’t know this page yet….will soon.
Thanks for sharing

On 2 Sep, 2014 Paul said

Paul’s gravatar

My sister has been telling me to read more Robin Hobb since finishing the Farseer trilogy. May as well comment and try my luck.

On 2 Sep, 2014 Teresa Santos said

Teresa Santos’s gravatar

I could do with some more Robin Hobb! Thanks for the giveaway :)

On 2 Sep, 2014 Diana Sousa said

Diana Sousa’s gravatar

I’d love to have these editions, they’re gorgeous!

On 2 Sep, 2014 KeriB said

KeriB’s gravatar

I’d love to win ;)

On 2 Sep, 2014 Mike Vanrandwyk said

Mike Vanrandwyk’s gravatar

Love your books and characters!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Justin said

Justin’s gravatar

Signed books? Sweet!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Karla MartĂ­nez said

Karla MartĂ­nez’s gravatar

Congrats !

On 2 Sep, 2014 Oliver said

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still i strive…

On 2 Sep, 2014 Nicholas said

Nicholas’s gravatar

Woot woot Happy ten years!!

On 2 Sep, 2014 MJ said

MJ’s gravatar

Let’s do this

On 2 Sep, 2014 Belinda said

Belinda’s gravatar

The Rain Wild Chronicles are some of the few books written by Robin Hobb that I don’t have, so I would love to get them (especially a signed copy)! Happy tenth anniversary!

On 2 Sep, 2014 Storm said

Storm’s gravatar

Congrats and thanks.

On 3 Sep, 2014 Joshua said

Joshua’s gravatar

Congratulations on 10 years!

On 3 Sep, 2014 Getti said

Getti’s gravatar

Robin Hobb is a master and all of her works are just so immersive. Thanks for a great competition and congrats on ten years!

On 3 Sep, 2014 Eric said

Eric’s gravatar

Congratulations, and a great gift for the lucky one :)

On 3 Sep, 2014 Martin said

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On 3 Sep, 2014 Nash said

Nash’s gravatar

I love the work she is doing. Unexpected and fascinating!

On 3 Sep, 2014 Lee-Anne Fox said

Lee-Anne Fox’s gravatar

Happy Birthday! I just found a Bon Jovi CD with a Wembley ticket in it from 1995—also the year I got married—but I don’t remember that at all! Bon Jovi that is, not our wedding!! But I didn’t discover Robin Hobb until about 2000—which at least had the advantage of being able to read the Assassin’s and Liveships trilogies all consecutively! Good luck everyone!

On 3 Sep, 2014 April said

April’s gravatar

Congrats on 10 years! :) And what a lovely giveaway, thanks for doing it! :)

On 3 Sep, 2014 Kate said

Kate’s gravatar

I’ve been wanting to read these for a while. Congrats on ten years, wow!

On 3 Sep, 2014 Annie said

Annie’s gravatar

Nice discovery for me… Congrats!

On 4 Sep, 2014 Trystel said

Trystel’s gravatar

10 years of dedication to an amazing author and human. Thanks for all your efforts! Congratulations. :-)


On 4 Sep, 2014 finella said

finella’s gravatar

Wow, what a nice surprise! And Happy Birthday! May we all be together for the next 10 years

On 4 Sep, 2014 Henriikka said

Henriikka’s gravatar

Congratulations! :)

I came across your tumblr site while randomly looking for stuff on the Fool’s Assassin, and thought that ‘the Plenty’ sounded familiar.. So I came here and had a look around, and found my name on the fanlisting! :D It must’ve been back in 2005 or so.

Also enjoyed reading your text on Finncon 2004, as I was there too! :)

On 4 Sep, 2014 Nelmari Ruiz Otero said

Nelmari Ruiz Otero’s gravatar

Books, books and more boks! :)

On 5 Sep, 2014 Nick said

Nick’s gravatar

Fool’s Assassin is great. Can’t wait for the next one.

On 5 Sep, 2014 Myriam said

Myriam’s gravatar

Oh, I so want those copies!
Happy 10th Birthday!

On 5 Sep, 2014 Anneka said

Anneka’s gravatar

hi!!:) thank you so much for all you do, these books are the bestest and I love the community surrounding them, y’all are awesome :)

On 5 Sep, 2014 Jester said

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Ooooooooh. I want. :D

On 6 Sep, 2014 Basil said

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So excited! :D

On 6 Sep, 2014 VGamall said

VGamall’s gravatar

Fool lover forever

On 6 Sep, 2014 Bigfoot said

Bigfoot’s gravatar

I may already have both books (UK copies) but I’d love to have some signed ones.

On 7 Sep, 2014 Lynds said

Lynds’s gravatar

Happy birthday! x

On 7 Sep, 2014 Valarya said

Valarya’s gravatar

How are there 79 people who have commented on this post yet a very quiet and still FORUM? Go, people. Go forth and talk to us in the forums. :P

Happy Birthday thePlenty! :)

On 8 Sep, 2014 Jenny said

Jenny’s gravatar

I’m really and truly here not to win a couple books,but to help someone else win a couple books! You are awesome!

On 9 Sep, 2014 eva said

eva’s gravatar

wow this is great:)))))

On 10 Sep, 2014 Matt said

Matt’s gravatar

Just about to start Fool’s Fate so winning would be perfect. Absolutely loving every Robin Hobb book.

On 12 Sep, 2014 KekPafrany said

KekPafrany’s gravatar

Wolves have no kings!

Also: I’d like to have a signed copy.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lise Syven said

Lise Syven’s gravatar

Thank you so much for this giveaway !
Cheers !

On 12 Sep, 2014 Eddie said

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On 12 Sep, 2014 Sylvain said

Sylvain’s gravatar

Fool’s Fate was fantastic!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Andrea said

Andrea’s gravatar

Congrats on 10 years theplenty—I’m a lifelong fan of Robin Hobb and my favourite characters are both Fitz and the Fool so I’m in heaven with the new series!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Carla said

Carla’s gravatar

Robin Hobb has been my favorite author since I discovered Assassin’s Apprentice, and then had to wait for the next book. I have been waiting on her next book ever since, reading them as soon as they hit the shelves. I would love to meet you, Robin! Come to Florida, please!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jen said

Jen’s gravatar

Congratulations on hitting the 10 year mark :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Rene Schmiedel said

Rene Schmiedel’s gravatar

A Comment

On 12 Sep, 2014 Maria said

Maria’s gravatar

Hello there!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Anouk Moser said

Anouk Moser’s gravatar

Yes, pretty please!! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Rachael Herridge said

Rachael Herridge’s gravatar

I think I would faint if I ever won anything as wonderful as this! Fingers massively crossed!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Marla said

Marla’s gravatar

Oho! Congrats!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Allie H said

Allie H’s gravatar

O so excited. Love Robin!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tiina said

Tiina’s gravatar

I have all the other books on my shelf and no signed copies yet. :) congrats on the anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tangent Chang said

Tangent Chang’s gravatar

Thanks for your contribution! It’s really nice to have this website!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Amanda K. said

Amanda K.’s gravatar

Thank you, I have recently been reading Robin Hobb books and love them! Cheers to more!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Leanne Williams said

Leanne Williams’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kelly said

Kelly’s gravatar

Happy Birthday :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Rebelbelle said

Rebelbelle’s gravatar

Wowser. 10 years. Here’s to another 100 :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sarah said

Sarah’s gravatar


Email is slcosco at gmail dot come.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Susanna said

Susanna’s gravatar

I have all of Robin’s novels but none with her autograph :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Grigorina said

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On 12 Sep, 2014 Jacob said

Jacob’s gravatar

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bread roll.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kelsey said

Kelsey’s gravatar

Just discovered this site. Awesome!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Alexander Vlakonikol said

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On 12 Sep, 2014 Rebecca said

Rebecca’s gravatar

10 years is a long time! Adore Robin’s books, never fail to bring a tear to my eye :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Miranda said

Miranda’s gravatar

More Robin Hobb for me :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 anna said

anna’s gravatar

Robbin Hobb carry on your fantastic books happy 10th birthday :D

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ingrid said

Ingrid’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday!! Here’s to the next 10

On 12 Sep, 2014 Rebecca said

Rebecca’s gravatar

I’m a big fan.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tabitha Leicester said

Tabitha Leicester’s gravatar

Happy birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 leanne said

leanne’s gravatar

Love, love, love Robin Hobb!! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Joe Melton said

Joe Melton’s gravatar

Happy Birthday. Robin is awesome

On 12 Sep, 2014 Shirley said

Shirley’s gravatar

Happy Birthday to you :) Loving the Dragons x

On 12 Sep, 2014 Judith said

Judith’s gravatar

That’s an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Dagmara said

Dagmara’s gravatar

Happy birthday!!! Thanks for doing this wonderful work!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Diane Chen said

Diane Chen’s gravatar

Read and re-read. Many more years of enjoyment. Hope I win.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kirsty said

Kirsty’s gravatar

Ohmigosh yes! Happy 10th birthday! *dances*

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sharon Browning said

Sharon Browning’s gravatar

Nice site you have here! Congratulations on your anniversary, and thanks for running this nice giveaway!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Heli said

Heli’s gravatar

Yes, please!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mark said

Mark’s gravatar

Good job on reaching a decade!

On 12 Sep, 2014 bean sawyer said

bean sawyer’s gravatar

Happy anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jake said

Jake’s gravatar

Happy Ten Years! May there be many more to come!

jw000259802 at yahoo dot com

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kat said

Kat’s gravatar

Happy 10th!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nuwar Blackheart said

Nuwar Blackheart’s gravatar

oooh, more ppl to chat with :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sami said

Sami’s gravatar

Great giveaway! Congrats on 10 years. I would love to win this prize!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Julie Cottrell said

Julie Cottrell’s gravatar


On 12 Sep, 2014 Shira said

Shira’s gravatar

Count me in!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Emily said

Emily’s gravatar

Ooh! *crosses fingers*

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sara said

Sara’s gravatar

I got all the books as a kindle version but I’m just in the process of rereading them all in ‘proper book style’ so these would come in handy!
Happy 10th anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Annie Mac said

Annie Mac’s gravatar

Happy Birthday from across the pond

On 12 Sep, 2014 David Still said

David Still’s gravatar

What a wonderful giveaway! Congratulations on 10 years!
(and my fingers are crossed:)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lynn said

Lynn’s gravatar

Now if I were to win I would have a dilemma… keep for myself or give as a gift to my big brother who introduced me to Robin Hobb’s books and comforts and consoles me when I get to the sad bits?!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Anne Bauwens said

Anne Bauwens’s gravatar

Great contest! Hobb is my favorite writer, I’m reading Fool’s assassin at the moment.

Good luck to everyone!

On 12 Sep, 2014 KimB said

KimB’s gravatar

What a fun idea!!!!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kazmick said

Kazmick’s gravatar

Reading both Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm books have ruined me from reading books that take me the same way. Its a blessing and a curse.
Love these journeys I get to be part of!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Cherry Lawson said

Cherry Lawson’s gravatar

Happy anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Todd Infinger said

Todd Infinger’s gravatar

I haven’t gotten to this series yet. How cool would it be to read signed copies?! Very cool contest :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Joanie said

Joanie’s gravatar

What a wonderful idea! Happy 10th birthday The Plenty!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mariya Tracheva said

Mariya Tracheva’s gravatar

Happy Birthday!!!
Greetings from sunny Bulgaria!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Caoimhe said

Caoimhe’s gravatar

I love the Fool! I love the Fool! I love the Fool! :D

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mika said

Mika’s gravatar

Happy birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Bryant said

Bryant’s gravatar

Happy anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Fabrice said

Fabrice’s gravatar

Little Hello from France ! Happy Birthday ! I hole I will win ! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Catherine said

Catherine’s gravatar

Fantastic giveaway. Thanks for spreading the joy. Happy 10th birthday may you have many more

On 12 Sep, 2014 Narukyuu said

Narukyuu’s gravatar

Why not.
Happy 10th birthday! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Marc Thorpe said

Marc Thorpe’s gravatar

“Happy birthday”—2 of my favourite things—birthdays and Robin Hobb books :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 chapuis sandrine said

chapuis sandrine’s gravatar

Maybe last, hopefully not late, and certainly not least! ;) Happy B!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Brigita said

Brigita’s gravatar


On 12 Sep, 2014 Sulena Zollman said

Sulena Zollman’s gravatar

Had to give it a shot for some signed Robin Hobb books! Congrats on 10 years! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tom B said

Tom B’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sarah Park said

Sarah Park’s gravatar

Brill! Love Robin Hobb. Good luck everyone :)
Greetings from Wales…

On 12 Sep, 2014 Charlene Barclay said

Charlene Barclay’s gravatar

I’m sure these books will be a welcome surprise for someone.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Darius Ezell said

Darius Ezell’s gravatar

Robin Hobb is a fantastic author!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Greg J said

Greg J’s gravatar

Hope to win.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lalaith said

Lalaith’s gravatar

Happy anniversary from Germany! I’m just reading the golden fool and can’t wait to read more!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ben Biggs said

Ben Biggs’s gravatar

Can’t go wrong with robin’s books

On 12 Sep, 2014 Alana said

Alana’s gravatar

Congrats!!! Happy 10th year!!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Cassy said

Cassy’s gravatar

Would be a fantastic addition to my signed editions!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ivelisse Oyola said

Ivelisse Oyola’s gravatar

I’m so excited to have found out about this page. Can’t wait to start exploring! But first things first. I want to enter the giveaway please!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Margaretha said

Margaretha’s gravatar

Woah! This would be amazing :) I only found this site just now, but happy 10th birthday and I’ll have a look around!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lotte said

Lotte’s gravatar

I really hope I win!

On 12 Sep, 2014 mathias wikström said

mathias wikström’s gravatar

My god, that would be so awesome. Happy anniversary and game on.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nichole W. said

Nichole W.’s gravatar

I would so love to have a signed copy of Robin’s books!!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Linda said

Linda’s gravatar

Congratulations on 10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Heather Anderson said

Heather Anderson’s gravatar

Ooooo, ooooo, pick me pick me!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Brittle said

Brittle’s gravatar

Wolf-Father approves

On 12 Sep, 2014 matt Bridger said

matt Bridger’s gravatar

Happy tenth birthday, really excited about discovering your website and excited to explore!

On 12 Sep, 2014 kezia mason said

kezia mason’s gravatar

I looove Robin Hobb! These look awesome!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Joris said

Joris’s gravatar

Awesome giveaway and awesome website. How come I just only found out about this place right now?

On 12 Sep, 2014 Osku KannusmÀki said

Osku KannusmĂ€ki’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday! The site is only getting better all the time.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Andrea Naughton said

Andrea Naughton’s gravatar

Happy Birthday! This is my first visit. Does that mean you are 10 years older than me?
I love your books :D

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jeremy Zerfoss said

Jeremy Zerfoss’s gravatar

4th stone from capital, upper left

On 12 Sep, 2014 Angela said

Angela’s gravatar

I love Robin Hobb!!!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Allyson said

Allyson’s gravatar

Pick me! =-)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nick said

Nick’s gravatar

Hoping to win, haha, and happy birthday :3

On 12 Sep, 2014 Daphne said

Daphne’s gravatar

I just discovered this site thanks to a link from Robin Hobb’s facebookpage. I will be checking this site more often..

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tara said

Tara’s gravatar

Happy 10 years!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Robert Migchelbrink said

Robert Migchelbrink’s gravatar

Robin Hobb has long been one of my faces!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Brooke Haven said

Brooke Haven’s gravatar

Yay! Happy 10years! (email is )

On 12 Sep, 2014 Krissi said

Krissi’s gravatar

Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity. Hobb’s stories are one of the few comforts available to me. Best of luck to all.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tina said

Tina’s gravatar

I know winner will be randomised, so I can write anything. But I would like to use the opportunity to say that I love your books Robin! Tolkien has a very special place in my heart, as the first fantasy I read, but your books, especially stories about the fool, are there next to him =) So thank you for many hours of wonderfull reading!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nikola said

Nikola’s gravatar

‘Now the time has come for Chade to remain silent, because his thoughts wandered where tongue could not follow.’ This is roughly translation from my language because I don’t know the original quote, but it is by far my favourite one!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Shamith said

Shamith’s gravatar

“Nothing takes the heart out of a man more than the expectation of failure.”

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tony said

Tony’s gravatar

Can’t wait for the next book!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Dion said

Dion’s gravatar

Hi Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! I’m new on this site, but I will follow the updates from now on! Long time fan of Robin Hobb.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Michael Francis said

Michael Francis’s gravatar

That’s the only RH series I haven’t read.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Julien said

Julien’s gravatar

Just started the Fool’s Assassin ! Looking forward to reading what’s coming next !
Congratulations for those extraordinary stories !

On 12 Sep, 2014 Psoglav said

Psoglav’s gravatar

Hurray, looking forward to winning! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Julian said

Julian’s gravatar


On 12 Sep, 2014 Kevin said

Kevin’s gravatar

I want to win autographed books!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Emma said

Emma’s gravatar

Oooh yay a competion that I desperately want to win ^_^ Thanks!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mean said

Mean’s gravatar

lucky lucky me

On 12 Sep, 2014 dianegsocialist said

dianegsocialist’s gravatar

oooh, that would be cool. :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Silverlunarfox said

Silverlunarfox’s gravatar

congrats on 10yrs
I never heard of this place but have been a huge fan of Robin Hobb’s books cant remember how many times I have read them,
I am a UK reader, so sad I couldnt get to one of her uk signings ( they were too far away )

On 12 Sep, 2014 Charley Jay said

Charley Jay’s gravatar

Ahh, Hobb! Happy anniversary for your 10 years here! I truly wish you the best of luck during the next decade.

Fitz & The Fool. ♡

P.S. Fingers are currently crossed like crazy.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sarah said

Sarah’s gravatar

I would love to have these for my Robin Hobb collection!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jessica said

Jessica’s gravatar

just made it :) Happy birthday!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Danielle Doran said

Danielle Doran’s gravatar

WowI would love to be the proud owner of a signed book :) Love Robin Hobb books xxx

On 12 Sep, 2014 Holly said

Holly’s gravatar


On 12 Sep, 2014 Janice said

Janice’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mike Hanline said

Mike Hanline’s gravatar

Happy birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Heli said

Heli’s gravatar

Congratulations! Here’s to many more years of adventures in the wonderful worlds Robin Hobb has created for us!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Linda said

Linda’s gravatar

Happy 10th anniversary!
Love Robin Hobb and this would be a great birthday present for my self.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Iris Schechter said

Iris Schechter’s gravatar

Happy Birthday ! Those books are just beautiful, I nned them *_*

On 12 Sep, 2014 Harriet K said

Harriet K’s gravatar

10 years and I feel terrible that I hadn’t found this site before it was linked on Robin’s Facebook page :(

Happy birthday, though! And here’s to another 10 years… this time with me following :)

H x

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jen said

Jen’s gravatar

Happy birthday! :-D

On 12 Sep, 2014 amorris said

amorris’s gravatar

My favorite author!!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Christopher Jappy said

Christopher Jappy’s gravatar

10 years. Quite some achievement. I’ve enjoyed reading all the theories and threads since I finished my first hobb book. Always meant to be an active poster. But haven’t quite gotten round to it.

Hopefully there’s plenty to speak about over the next decade.

Chris Jappy x

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tine Bergersen said

Tine Bergersen’s gravatar

Not often I see international giveaways! And such a good one too! Thanks for the chance :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Georgia Goodall said

Georgia Goodall’s gravatar

Would love to add these to my collection :) happy anniversary!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Barrie said

Barrie’s gravatar

Hippy Bathday-ish
Always been more of a lurker than a poster, but decided due to my total adoration for the first 9 that I must post!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Merilin said

Merilin’s gravatar

I will never say no to a chance to win anything written by Robin Hobb :)
Congrats on the 10 years

On 12 Sep, 2014 Hopnut Jester said

Hopnut Jester’s gravatar

Must visit here more often. Love the random quote section. Happy 10th!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Heather DiGennaro said

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On 12 Sep, 2014 Deborah said

Deborah’s gravatar

Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity ;)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Louise said

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Happy Birthday! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sherry said

Sherry’s gravatar

10 years! wish I had known earlier!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Diana said

Diana’s gravatar

I dream of carving my dragon.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Krista said

Krista’s gravatar

I would love to win! She’s my fave!

On 12 Sep, 2014 B said

B’s gravatar

Happy Birthday! Here’s to another 10 years! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Polina said

Polina’s gravatar

Robin Hobb rules!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Chris Mahood said

Chris Mahood’s gravatar

I have only read assassins apprentice. This would be a great start for me :-)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jeremy Szal said

Jeremy Szal’s gravatar

Here’s to another 10 awesome years of this awesome authour and her awesome books. Met her a few months ago. Probably the sweetest woman I’ve ever met in my life.

On 12 Sep, 2014 GreenMonkey said

GreenMonkey’s gravatar

Congrats, love Robin Hobb, you guys are my go-to for quotes and wallpapers and such!

On 12 Sep, 2014 April said

April’s gravatar

Happy Anniversary! =D

“I have never been wise.”

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sarah said

Sarah’s gravatar

Would love love this! Huge fan of Hobb, her books made a huge difference in my life.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mike Beckett said

Mike Beckett’s gravatar

“theplentynet giveaway” or something similar!


On 12 Sep, 2014 Amy ross said

Amy ross’s gravatar

I’d soooo love a signed copy. I’m crossing all my fingers.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nina Simon said

Nina Simon’s gravatar

I love the worlds created by Robin Hobb! Its my refuge after a long day at work.. Keep up the good work!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Valentina said

Valentina’s gravatar

Happy 10th anniversary!
And I also want to thank you for your great work on the wiki.

On 12 Sep, 2014 manoa friedson said

manoa friedson’s gravatar

“She was only a single serpent, struggling to weave the case that would protect her from the winter’s cold while her body underwent its transformation. A single serpent, cold and weary, finally come home after an eternity of roaming.

  • R. Hobbs, The Dragon Keeper

On 12 Sep, 2014 Oscar Dunn said

Oscar Dunn’s gravatar

Happy 10 years! I only discovered Robin Hobb’s wonderful writing recently and I have to say they are some of the best fantasy I have ever read! Great to see there’s a good fan community going on. Here’s to the next 10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jen Ortiz said

Jen Ortiz’s gravatar

To 10 more years! I was so happy to hear, finally more Fitz! Love the books, every one—what a wonderful way to get lost.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lieke said

Lieke’s gravatar

Happy anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Miriam said

Miriam’s gravatar

Happy anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ilya said

Ilya’s gravatar

Happy birthday, and what a wonderful givaway!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Azita Lotfi said

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Robin Hobb are the greatest! You make the world a better place to live in! ❀

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sini said

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I love Robin Hobb! But I bet everyone here does! She’s brilliant!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ophelia said

Ophelia’s gravatar

Wow! Congrats! What a great giveaway!! :) Love those Jackie Morris covers!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Brett said

Brett’s gravatar

7 pointed star be with me!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Christine said

Christine’s gravatar

The first story I read was a Rain Wilds story in an anthology. Been loving it since!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Luke Williams said

Luke Williams’s gravatar

Great prize!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Roger said

Roger’s gravatar

Happy 10th Anniverary, so inspiring to listen to Robin at Loncon3.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lisa M said

Lisa M’s gravatar

Congrats on ten years!! ^_^

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tawana said

Tawana’s gravatar

Happy 10th anniversary’
These quite literally shaped my love of fantasy

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sara Daughtery said

Sara Daughtery’s gravatar

The Rain Wild Chronicles is the series I have yet to start, I just finished Fool’s Assassin so it seems time to pick it up!

Happy 10th!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jerome Lim said

Jerome Lim’s gravatar

This is an awesome give away to celebrate your 10th anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Fanny said

Fanny’s gravatar

Happy birthday from France, even if I didn’t know you 2 minutes ago !

On 12 Sep, 2014 Cindy said

Cindy’s gravatar

Would love to get these books!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Niki Turner said

Niki Turner’s gravatar

*fingers crossed*

On 12 Sep, 2014 John Dixon said

John Dixon’s gravatar

Happy 10th!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Stephanie said

Stephanie’s gravatar

Did not have time to buy these yet :p

On 12 Sep, 2014 Brash said

Brash’s gravatar

Congrats on the 10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jim said

Jim’s gravatar

Happy tenth birthday! It’s 10 years ago this year that I first discovered the genius of Robin Hobb :-)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Materyu said

Materyu’s gravatar

Happy birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Bek said

Bek’s gravatar

Hey, I might get lucky!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Phalene said

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Let’s try !

On 12 Sep, 2014 LĂ­till StarĂĄlfur said

LĂ­till StarĂĄlfur’s gravatar

It’s worth trying!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Amanda Hensley Cole said

Amanda Hensley Cole’s gravatar

:) I’m hoping tomorrow owes me this prize!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Carol Restad said

Carol Restad’s gravatar

Would love to win this

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mark Hewetson said

Mark Hewetson’s gravatar

What a great community. Happy 10th!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Dianna said

Dianna’s gravatar

I’m a big Robin Hobb fan so I’m glad to see you guys doing this…happy 10th anniversary :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Helen R-S said

Helen R-S’s gravatar

How wonderful to have all this info in one place!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ying Y said

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Happy birthday! Yes please books! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sol said

Sol’s gravatar

This wouldn be awesome. :-)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ornigon said

Ornigon’s gravatar

Wow what a nice giveaway! Love Robin Hobb!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Patti McCoven said

Patti McCoven’s gravatar

nice to have found you via Robin’s FB post :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Michalis said

Michalis’s gravatar

A Robin Hobb giveaway? Hell yeah!!
Happy Birthday!!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tim said

Tim’s gravatar

Would love This. Happy 10th Anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Derek said

Derek’s gravatar

Happy B’day! Am a big fan! -Derek from Australia

On 12 Sep, 2014 Andrew Thwaites said

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Love you work :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Carol said

Carol’s gravatar

Me please!! Big Robin Hobb fan XD

On 12 Sep, 2014 Holly said

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Congrats on 10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Undutchable said

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On 12 Sep, 2014 Daniel Dearden said

Daniel Dearden’s gravatar

Congratulations on 10 years

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jake baker said

Jake baker’s gravatar

Haven’t read this trilogy yet, skipped ahead to the Golden Fool trilogy and would love to catch up!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Debbie Howard said

Debbie Howard’s gravatar

Hi there, great comp

On 12 Sep, 2014 tina lesher said

tina lesher’s gravatar

Love Robin ’s books!

On 12 Sep, 2014 kayleigh beirne said

kayleigh beirne’s gravatar

Ooh, I have my little pinkies crossed! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Stuart said

Stuart’s gravatar

Winning those books would be great!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Glimmereyes said

Glimmereyes’s gravatar

Congrats on 10 years, an impressive run for a website.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Rebecca said

Rebecca’s gravatar

Congratulations on 10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Amandafitzchivalry said

Amandafitzchivalry’s gravatar

Wow 10 years! Keep up the good work!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lukas said

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Congratulations! Here’s to 10 more!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kath said

Kath’s gravatar

Love Robin! And Congratulations to you guys, 10 Years is a real achievement.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jess said

Jess’s gravatar

Happy birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Paul Sheppard said

Paul Sheppard’s gravatar

Cool prize

Many thanks for the competition and congratulations on your tenth anniverary!

Good luck

On 12 Sep, 2014 Anthony Jennings said

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Congratulations on10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 worthastar said

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On 12 Sep, 2014 Guy said

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Congrats on 10 yrs

On 12 Sep, 2014 Paul Kettlewell said

Paul Kettlewell’s gravatar

Congratulations on a fine decade; here’s to many more!

On 12 Sep, 2014 m said

m’s gravatar

Finally something international! I’d love to own these!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kimberley Simpson said

Kimberley Simpson’s gravatar

Hello from New Zealand. I’ve enjoyed Robin Hobb books for many years—The Fool is my favourite character. Happy 10th birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kerry cobb said

Kerry cobb’s gravatar

Would so love to win these amazing books, fab site by the way! Xxx

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nick Yuva said

Nick Yuva’s gravatar

Better to be a foolish assassin than an assassin’s fool

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nina said

Nina’s gravatar

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Owly said

Owly’s gravatar

Wow! Never knew about this site, but now I’m definetely gonna check it out. If only I’d been a more internet savvy user when I first started reading Hobb I could have known about this site when it first started out…
Anyways, happy anniversary!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kalina said

Kalina’s gravatar

I’ve never won anything so this would be an amazing first!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Michelle said

Michelle’s gravatar

super awesome!! congrats on the decade of Robin Hobb-ness :-)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Bionda said

Bionda’s gravatar

Congrats at your aniversary. Greetings from a Dutch Hobb fan.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Joshuguardian said

Joshuguardian’s gravatar

Awsome books awsome writer

On 12 Sep, 2014 Sarah-Jayne Hucks said

Sarah-Jayne Hucks’s gravatar

Awesome! A decade wow. Congrats :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Nicole Christie said

Nicole Christie’s gravatar

Love your books

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ruben said

Ruben’s gravatar

That’s awesome! I love this site and everything Hobb/Lindholm! Great job and happy birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Artemisian said

Artemisian’s gravatar

Would definitely love this—no authors ever come to Australia for book signings!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jason couch said

Jason couch’s gravatar

Great contest

On 12 Sep, 2014 David Wiley said

David Wiley’s gravatar

I’ve loved Robin Hobb since I was a child!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Arni said

Arni’s gravatar

Robin Hobb writes beautiful, beautiful books.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kristiane said

Kristiane’s gravatar

Love Robin Hobb, she is an amazing author! Loved getting back to Fitz!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Melissa Walker said

Melissa Walker’s gravatar

Thank you for the chance to win :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jesse said

Jesse’s gravatar

Hope we get to learn more about the fool in the future. Also miss fitz.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Camille said

Camille’s gravatar

Happy birthday! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Diane Takeda said

Diane Takeda’s gravatar

Pick me, please!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Tyler Lovell said

Tyler Lovell’s gravatar

Happy 10th bday!!! Email is

On 12 Sep, 2014 Mary Kassing said

Mary Kassing’s gravatar

What A wonderful site! Robin Hobb is my all time favorite Author! I have enjoyed reading every single book numerous times, and look forward to reading them many more!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Martin Jeffrey said

Martin Jeffrey’s gravatar

Have always loved Robin. Books are well-written and something about the characters sticks with you. Definitely books you want to keep and re-read. Can’t say that about alot of fiction nowadays.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Dom Wassel said

Dom Wassel’s gravatar

Would love to win/own these

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jessie said

Jessie’s gravatar

Happy Birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Chanté Bock said

ChantĂ© Bock’s gravatar

So excited to reread all the books for Robin’s new series! ! ^_^

On 12 Sep, 2014 kethdredd said

kethdredd’s gravatar


On 12 Sep, 2014 Lachlan Graham said

Lachlan Graham’s gravatar

Robin Hobb, my favourite author ever since I first read assassins apprentice.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kay Kennedy said

Kay Kennedy’s gravatar

I’d sooo love a signed copy! I met Robin when she came to Sydney this year. Best author ever!!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Bonita said

Bonita’s gravatar

Good luck everyone but heres to hoping you win! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 Justin Davis said

Justin Davis’s gravatar

I would love this. Robin Hobb is a fantastic writer! Cheers to whomever wins!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Karen said

Karen’s gravatar

Congratulations on 10 years, and thank you for running such an excellent giveaway!

On 12 Sep, 2014 daniel said

daniel’s gravatar

congratulations on 10 years, looks like an awesome prize, would love to win it haha

On 12 Sep, 2014 L. Murphy said

L. Murphy’s gravatar

How exciting! Happy Birthday!

On 12 Sep, 2014 sheila said

sheila’s gravatar

Happy 10th. Great books. Wow. it would be great to win sogned copies

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jennis Ardern said

Jennis Ardern’s gravatar

I would so love these!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Alexander said

Alexander’s gravatar

Awesome contest, just found out about this site from to robin’s Facebook page.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Heidi said

Heidi’s gravatar

The Farseer Trilogy and then the Mad Ship Trilogy helped me through a very rough breakup. Kept me hopeful and going strong at being all alone and a soon to be single mother of three, I was pregnant with my youngest and had 2 others. I would read these every night, sometimes out loud to get my kids to sleep and always to myself until I was tired enough to go to sleep, but I usually could NOT put the books down. They are the first books I bought as my own instead of at the Library so I could read them over and over.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Jann Merchant said

Jann Merchant’s gravatar

I would love these to give my nephew who borrows mine! Many thanks for the contest and 10th anniversary congrats!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Lisa Farseer said

Lisa Farseer’s gravatar

Missed meeting Robin by minutes once. Her books have solidified fantasy.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Amanda Kirk said

Amanda Kirk’s gravatar

Grats on 10 years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Stacey Filak said

Stacey Filak’s gravatar

I’ve only just discovered the work of Robin Hobb, and I must say, I am a wee bit jealous that you all have been part of her fandom for ten years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Veronica said

Veronica’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday! I’ve just found this website and was really glad to see that there are so many fans of Hobb like me.

On 12 Sep, 2014 Julie Younger said

Julie Younger’s gravatar

Congrats! Great website Thanks!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Ashley Darling said

Ashley Darling’s gravatar

This is fantastic! I’m working my way through her series and I cannot wait to get to The Rain Wild Chronicles! :)

On 12 Sep, 2014 dr1977 said

dr1977’s gravatar

Congrats on 10 wonderful years!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Kjerstin Gould said

Kjerstin Gould’s gravatar

I LOVE Robin Hobb! Her books are like a good drug with no side effects (there is, however, withdrawal when you’re done).

On 12 Sep, 2014 Pauladawn Owen said

Pauladawn Owen’s gravatar

I love Robin Hobbs books, thank you for this chance to win. Pauladawn

On 12 Sep, 2014 Beth Stafford said

Beth Stafford’s gravatar

Happy 10th Birthday! Robin Hobb books are simply amazing reads! Love her characters!

On 12 Sep, 2014 Aaron Singleton said

Aaron Singleton’s gravatar

I am not lucky with giveaways, but… what the hell?

On 12 Sep, 2014 James Baldwin said

James Baldwin’s gravatar

Blood is Memory

On 12 Sep, 2014 Maayan said

Maayan’s gravatar

Commetcomment :3


On 13 Sep, 2014 Leon said

Leon’s gravatar

Just received Fool’s Assassin!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Shelley said

Shelley’s gravatar

Congrats on 10(+) years. Here’s to 10 more and 10 more after that!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Jewel said

Jewel’s gravatar

I’ve been a fan of Robin Hobb ever since I mistakenly purchased Fool’s Fate and was “forced” to get all it’s predecessors in middle school. That being said I have never really noticed how wide her fan base really is until I began frantically searching around as soon as I found that she was returning to the Fits/Fool story line. Good luck to all :D

On 13 Sep, 2014 Andrew said

Andrew’s gravatar

We are pack

On 13 Sep, 2014 Renata said

Renata’s gravatar

Congrats for this special occasion, and what a wonderful way to celebrate :-)

I have already read both books and loved them, would be delighted to own a signed copy.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Jeremy said

Jeremy’s gravatar

love to have a copy of my own

On 13 Sep, 2014 Brenda said

Brenda’s gravatar

Love Robin’s books. Just reread the last one and am bereft I have to now wait a year or so for the next one.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Tanalion said

Tanalion’s gravatar

Gongrats to 10 years! I have always been very fond of wolves so Nighteyes is a personal favorite of mine.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Roderick said

Roderick’s gravatar

Happy decade! Fools Assassin was fantastic the best book so far and that’s truly saying something!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Lars said

Lars’s gravatar

From Norway to you:

Gratulerer med 10-Ă„rs dagen!! :)

On 13 Sep, 2014 May-Britt Molund said

May-Britt Molund’s gravatar

Happy birthday—from Norway as well :-)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Elizabeth Acosta said

Elizabeth Acosta’s gravatar

Would love to read more of Robin’s books!! Wonderful author!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Anna said

Anna’s gravatar

Oh my god! Commenting! Robin Hobb is the best!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Albert said

Albert’s gravatar

Great books from a great author. Hope to get one.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Pelori said

Pelori’s gravatar

This is awesome.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Isabel said

Isabel’s gravatar

Eee! Last time I got a signed book it made me cry with joy :’) fingers crossed I’ll need some tissues :)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Inka said

Inka’s gravatar

thank you for the 10 years of “putting it together” and making a place we can all dwell

On 13 Sep, 2014 Ronel Steyn said

Ronel Steyn’s gravatar

Huge fan of Robin Hobb. Love Fitz, The Fool and all the Rainwild Folk.
Would love to get these two books as they are exactly the ones I still need to get!!!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Danny Johnson said

Danny Johnson’s gravatar

Ooohhh free books, free awesome signed books!!! I’m in!!! Oh congrats on 10 years btw ;)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Jane Curtis said

Jane Curtis’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday. It’s very generous to be offering one of us a present :)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Elija said

Elija’s gravatar

Happy birthday!! And thanks for the Giveaway :D

On 13 Sep, 2014 Eddi said

Eddi’s gravatar

Happy 10th Birthday. Glad I found this site!

On 13 Sep, 2014 niki v said

niki v’s gravatar

I hope to be found by this randomizer :-)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Lee Wagstaff said

Lee Wagstaff’s gravatar

Happy Birthday!—Robin Hobb started my love of reading. Many books and many authors later and I’m still looking forward to her newest book the most!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Nicky Richards said

Nicky Richards’s gravatar

Happy Birthday! Great site and the best author I have ever read!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Siwan Kania said

Siwan Kania’s gravatar

Happy 10th Birthday I love Robin Hobb I was lucky enough to meet her a few months ago

On 13 Sep, 2014 Nathan said

Nathan’s gravatar

Happy First Decade!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Dirk said

Dirk’s gravatar

Happy anniversary!

On 13 Sep, 2014 joy phillips said

joy phillips’s gravatar

I met robin at Loncon and was so excited. I’ve just finished fools assassin and feel like Ive lost a friend

On 13 Sep, 2014 Rolph Macphie said

Rolph Macphie’s gravatar

Happy 10th Birthday.

Took me 10 years to find this site!!

Glad I did

On 13 Sep, 2014 Elodie said

Elodie’s gravatar

Happy Birthday !!!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Rach said

Rach’s gravatar

I’ve used this site many times over the years for reference, thanks for all the hard work. Here’s to ten years more!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Laura Creber said

Laura Creber’s gravatar

The Rainwilds, Dragons, Robin Hobb and Jackie Morris. Perfect.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Ali said

Ali’s gravatar

Happy 10th Birthday. What a great prize :o)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Sara Grodin said

Sara Grodin’s gravatar

Two magasin books by my favourite author in the World… I Wang to win—they are signed o/

On 13 Sep, 2014 Lisa Eyre said

Lisa Eyre’s gravatar

I hope I’m picked, these would make a wonderful present for my sister!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Lynne said

Lynne’s gravatar

Great giveaway and great site!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Oriane Makowka said

Oriane Makowka’s gravatar

This giveaway is such a great idea!

On 13 Sep, 2014 kÀpp said

kĂ€pp’s gravatar

Happy birthday!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Rhlana said

Rhlana’s gravatar

Happy birthday from England

On 13 Sep, 2014 Greg said

Greg’s gravatar

Happy 10th Birthday! And thank you for all your books!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Katy said

Katy’s gravatar

How could I resist with such a spectacular prize on offer? Congrats on 10 years from Down Under.

On 13 Sep, 2014 karim said

karim’s gravatar

Happy 10th year, and what a gratis prizé!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Rachel said

Rachel’s gravatar

Happy 10th anniversary! I love all of Robin’s books. I can’t wait for the next one!

Email is

On 13 Sep, 2014 Hazel said

Hazel’s gravatar

10 years is a long time!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Katarina Baralic said

Katarina Baralic’s gravatar

Happy birthday!!! :D
My email is

On 13 Sep, 2014 OhYeah said

OhYeah’s gravatar

Happy Birthday from Belgium and thanks for the giveaway :)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Babsnail said

Babsnail’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday :)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Hello! said

Hello!’s gravatar

Let there be more years to come!

Happy B-day

On 13 Sep, 2014 DRSNYC said

DRSNYC’s gravatar

I hope I’m not too late to congratulate you on ten years sterling effort. Thanks for what you have done for all Robin Hobbs fans.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Julien said

Julien’s gravatar

Happy 10th birthday !

On 13 Sep, 2014 Aliash said

Aliash’s gravatar

Yay for Robin Hobb!!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Marion said

Marion’s gravatar

Happy birthday! and thanks a lot for the giveaway !
kisses from france

On 13 Sep, 2014 Danielle said

Danielle’s gravatar

Oh wow, amazing giveaway!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Gabriel Chiasson said

Gabriel Chiasson’s gravatar

Awesome giveaway.
Let’s hope for even more years to come.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Gan CZ said

Gan CZ’s gravatar

Happy Birthday! Love Robin Hobb books!!

Love from Asia!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Thor said

Thor’s gravatar

Happy 10th anniversary !

On 13 Sep, 2014 Carl McCluskey said

Carl McCluskey’s gravatar

Such a massive fan of Robin Hobb and just finished her new book. So excited for more stories with Fitz.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Dian said

Dian’s gravatar

Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on 10 years! I’m a long time fan of Ms. Hobb’s work!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Hannah Congreve said

Hannah Congreve’s gravatar

This is would be a fantastic present for my boyfriend. Fantastic giveaway!!!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Chiara said

Chiara’s gravatar

“A secret is only a secret so long as you don’t share it. Tell it to one person and it’s a secret no more”

On 13 Sep, 2014 Hilarie said

Hilarie’s gravatar

I never win anything! I’ve been reading Robin Hobb for about 18 years—it would be good to have paperbacks to carry around rather than the hardbacks I buy as they come out.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Salma said

Salma’s gravatar

Congrats on 10 years of fantastical work. Pick me! Pick me!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Ellen said

Ellen’s gravatar

Congratulations on your tenth birthday- and it’s always good to see others celebrating such an fantastic writing talent as Ms Hobb.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Karen said

Karen’s gravatar

Kick it to me :-) …over here :-) Me me me :-)

On 13 Sep, 2014 Heather said

Heather’s gravatar

Yay, congrats! I can’t believe I’ve only just found this site.

On 13 Sep, 2014 Kristina Sugrue said

Kristina Sugrue’s gravatar

I adored these books—it would be awesome to have signed copies of them!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Chris said

Chris’s gravatar

Love it! Re-reading currently!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Julie said

Julie’s gravatar

Did you say dragon??

On 13 Sep, 2014 James Boyden said

James Boyden’s gravatar


On 13 Sep, 2014 Karine said

Karine’s gravatar

I love Robin Hobb’s book (by the way, Megan Lindholm’s ones as well ;) )!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Gwynn Fuqua said

Gwynn Fuqua’s gravatar

Congratulations on 10 years and best wishes for many more!

On 13 Sep, 2014 m4ker said

m4ker’s gravatar

Joyeux anniversaire !!!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Cheryl74 said

Cheryl74’s gravatar

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Peggy said

Peggy’s gravatar

I’m new in the Robin Hobb world but I love her writing very much ! Hugs from France

On 13 Sep, 2014 Sue Fleet said

Sue Fleet’s gravatar

Congrats 10 years…& I’ve only just found you, where have I been!

On 13 Sep, 2014 Mervi said

Mervi’s gravatar

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Comments below this one won’t be counted.

Thank you so much everyone for the congratulations and taking the time to participate. Such a huge number of entries was totally unanticipated (I’ve also got around 10 emails) and I feel sad that there aren’t more prizes to give out. I will check for duplicate entries and do the final draw tomorrow.

On 14 Sep, 2014 Lisa Foster said

Lisa Foster’s gravatar

too bad as I wanted to enter and I was in bed all day after taking a fall.
Happy 10th Anniversary.

On 22 Sep, 2014 Dion said

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Hi, I might have missed an email or something. Has a winner been drawn?? Anyway, congrats to person that has won!

On 23 Sep, 2014 Mervi said

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Yes, the winner has been drawn and the prize sent. The lucky person was Valarya! (I didn’t sent emails to anyone else as I hadn’t stated that I would use the entered addresses that way.)

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