Blue Lake

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Blue Lake is a large lake in Farrow as well as the name of the largest town on its shores. The lake is the terminus of the Cold River that runs from the edges of the Mountains. The countryside surrounding the northeast side of the lake was famous for its grain fields and orchards early in King Shrewd's reign. A local wine was known throughout the Six Duchies and as far away as Bingtown. Most of the agriculture was destroyed in long droughts and fires that followed and the inhabitants moved to trade as a source of income. Caravans from Farrow and the Chalced States as well as traders from the Mountain Kingdom meet there. This trade relies partly on barges moving up and down the lake, which is only possible during summer.

The town of Blue Lake seems a larger city than it is because it sprawls along the shoreline. Most buildings are long, only one storey high, and have many wings added to them. Poorer folks have houses made of mud bricks, while richer families such as those of veteran traders and fishers are made of cedar planks roofed with wide shingles. Most houses are painted white, grey or light blue and many have windows made of thick, whorled panes of glass. Many houses are built out on pilings some way into the lake, so that fisherfolk can deliver their catches right to their home doors.