Carillion Carrock

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Lady Carillion Carrock, née Waljin, was an artist from the Jamaillia city and one of the original generation settlers to arrive to the Rain Wilds. Her parents were lady Artson Waljin and lord Crion Waljin. She also had little sisters. She had three children with her husband, lord Jathan Carrock: Narissa, Carlmin and Petrus. She was pregnant when they arrived to the the Rain Wild River, but lost her child in labor.

Some of her best known work were Suspended Basins and Floating Lanterns. She was working on Suspended Chimes of Stone and Metal for the Satrap's brother's thirtieth birthday which was left uncompleted when she had to board the Venture.

She used her knowledge of engineering she had gained making those installations and together with Retyo and Sewet devised and built the first tree platforms that helped the settlers survive the harsh conditions of the area. Later, it was her ability as an artist to navigate the memories the elderlings had left behind that enabled her to find a way out of the collapsing buried city.