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Laurel is Queen Kettricken's Huntswoman and confidante. She is around her middle to late twenties and has been in her current job for about seven years when Tom Badgerlock meets her. She joins Tom and Lord Golden on their journey to Galeton for hunting, but the true mission of the trio is to bring back Prince Dutiful. Her mother's family lives less than a day's ride from that keep, so she knows the grounds. She herself is originally from Branedee Downs in Tilth where her father was a Huntsman for Lord Sitswell. She has two brothers who too were brought up with their father's skills. After his death, she stayed with Lord Sitswell training his coursing horses until the Queen's hunting party came there. Laurel was helping them, and Kettricken took a liking to her.

She does not have the Wit herself, but it runs strong in her family: her brothers and sister are Witted, as was her mother who was bonded to a gander that lived to be forty years old and outlived her husband. Deerkin is her cousin.

Laurel is strongly built, long-boned and muscled, yet feminine. She has blue eyes with rings of darker blue at the edges, and a streak of green on one iris radiating out from the centre. Her hair is brown but sun-streaked with blonde, bleached near white at her temples, and she has a browned face and hands. Her nose is narrow and straight, her mouth strong and she has a determined chin.