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In the Gods' Runes Isles all people belong to a motherhouse. As the name implies the line runs through the women. A man can marry or have liasions with woman of another house but he always belongs to his mohterhouse and the children belong to the mother. Children are raised by their mother's brother. The women own the land and animals living there. The men earn respect by leading men at sea. The motherhouse has a Narcheska who is the leader, a Great Mother is the old Narcheska who rules only if there is no one else old enough. This ruling line is passed down mother to eldest daughter. A woman's body is buried in one of the unused fields set aside for this purpose. After seven years it is plowed and planted and the first harvest of that field is a feast. Almost anything will be done to have a womans body returned to it's motherhouse. There are strict runs over the menfolk that protect the motherhouse when men of other clans visit. Often debts are paid with boys.