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A game that is played in the Out Islands with rune cubes.

The players shake and tumble out the runes cubes, and then set their markers onto a cloth or board that is painted with minor godlings such as Wind and Smoke and Tree. According to Kettricken who played the game with Peottre, there are twelve runes:

  • Harbour
  • Beach
  • Glacier
  • Cave
  • Mountain
  • Motherhouse
  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Fisher
  • Allmother
  • Smith
  • Weaver

The runes look very indentical to those in the Skill-pillars. The one for "Beach" is similar (save for a tail or two) to the one among four runes in the pillars in Buck that took Fitz and Dutiful to the Treasure Beach in Others Island.