Piebald Prince

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According to folk legend, the mottled Piebald Prince was born from a union between the Willful Princess of the Farseer line and a Witted man called Sly o' the Wit who carried her away in the form of the Piebald Stallion. He ruled for a time as King Charger but was overthrown by his cousin and six nobles' sons before he could leave an heir to the throne. According to the story, his powers were weakest during the noon of the summer solstice and that is when he was slain. He was hanged, chopped to pieces and then burned over water to ensure his spirit would not find its way into some beast's body, setting a standard for how many Witted people would come to meet their ends.

The legend is based on King Charger.

There is also an inn called The Piebald Prince.