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Generally speaking

The use of character names, places, book titles, cover art and trademarks etc here is noncommercial, for informational purposes only, and is believed to fall under "fair use". The copyright belongs to and stays with the author, illustrator, publisher and/or other parties.

Adding content: text

When editing PlentyWiki, please do not "copy and paste" anything from outside sources without a permission from the author/copyright holder of that content. Usually it's best to try to write your own articles from the scratch anyway, checking the details from the only reliable source - the books!

Adding content: images other than book covers

When using somebody's art to illustrate the articles, always credit them properly and if possible, provide a link back to their homepage/gallery (this is easy to do by creating a page for the artist if one doesn't already exist). Always ask permission from the artist unless it's one of the following known cases:

If you know of any other Hobb artists that have either given the permission or denied it (generally or specifically for this project), please add them to this page. Try to also provide verification of their terms.

Your copyright?

According to the wikipedia tradition, whenever you add something to these pages, you grant the right for others to copy, edit and remove it.

Copying material from PlentyWiki

We operate under the "Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported" Creative Commons License. Yes, you can copy stuff from here and adapt the work, but you must credit us, your work has to be non-commercial - and you have to release it under similar terms.

Questions? Please use the talk page.