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UK hardcover edition of Renegade's Magic, art by John Howe.
US hardcover edition of Renegade's Magic, art by Steve Stone.

Renegade's Magic is the third and final book in the Soldier Son trilogy and was published in 2007.


  • A UK hardcover edition with the ISBN 9780007196180 was published the 2nd of July 2007, cover illustrated by John Howe. This is currently the last Robin Hobb cover illustrated by Howe.
    • A UK hardcover book club edition CN 151096.
  • A UK trade paperback edition from Voyager with ISBN 9780007196197 was published the 4th of February 2008 (cover same as above).
  • A UK mass market paperback from Voyager with ISBN 9780007196203 was published July 1st 2008. The cover is illustrated by Jackie Morris. Note that there is no UK mass market paperback with John Howe's cover as there are of the previous two titles in the series. When it came time to publish this paperback, the UK repackaging of all current Hobb titles had caught up with the publishing schedule of Renegade's Magic.
  • A US hardcover from Eos with ISBN 9780060757649 was published the 8th of January 2008. Cover art by Steve Stone.
    • A US hardback book club edition SFBC #1247392.
  • A US mass market paperback edition from Eos/HarperCollins in March/April 2009 with ISBN 9780060758301, same cover as hardback.
  • A Kinde edition from Harper Voyager the 4th of September 2008 with ASIN: B002SDRTKG.
  • An unabridged US audio book from Recorded Books in various formats. Narrated by John Keating. Length 29 hours 50 minutes. [1]
  • An unabridged UK audio book from HarperCollins the 7th of January 2013 with ASIN: B00AYBXVYC. Narrated by Jonathan Barlow. Length: 24 hours 19 minutes



  • A French translation Le Soldat chamane - L'Intégrale 3 from Luitingh the 8th September 2012 with ISBN 9782756407135. Reprint from J'ai lu in September 2014 with ISBN 9782290085967.
  • A German translation Die Stunde des Abtrünnigen published in 2009 by Klett-Cotta with ISBN with ISBN 9783608938142, translator Joachim Pente. Reprinted in May 2011 by Heyne with different cover art and ISBN 9783453532212.
  • An Italian translation I rinnegati della foresta from Fanucci in 2011 with ISBN 9788834717639. Translated by Irene Guida.
  • A Russian translation Магия отступника in hardcover in 2010 with ISBN 9785699421565.

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  1. Recorded Books: Robin Hobb: Renegade's Magic